Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

First female Afghan air force pilot, applies for United States asylum

niloofar rehmani

Afghanistan’s first female air force pilot Niloofar Rahmani has requested United States for asylum due to threats on her life made by Taliban in country. According to reports, 25 years old, Niloofar Rahmani became the symbol of hope for the millions of women in Afghanistan when she announced in press three years ago in 2013 after becoming the first female air force pilot of Afghanistan since the Taliban era, dressed in khaki overalls, tan combat boots and aviator glasses.

She had been idolized as the Top Gun of Afghan after the 1986 Tom Cruise film on flying aces and it was scheduled to return to her home country Afghanistan last week after her 15 months training course with Air force of United States. But on the eve of her returning, she claimed that she will not be returning to her country and requested United States’ authorities for asylum, citing death threats from Taliban.

She further said that she contempt from her male colleagues in a conservative country and nation where it is still believed that a woman doesn’t belong to outside of the house, because they cannot be permitted to work outside the house.

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So according to the Pilot’s lawyer, Kimberley Motley, that the decision to seek asylum in United States had been a “heartbreakingly difficult decision but Niloofer and her family has received many threats that they confirmed that her safety is surely at risk if she would come back to her home in Afghanistan.

But according to spokes man of Afghanistan’s defense ministry, General Mohammad Radmanish that they denied that Niloofar Rehmani was in danger. He further said that,

“I am sure she lied by saying she was threatened, just to win the asylum case”

Radmanish was quoted as saying on Sunday by The New York Times.

“It is baseless that she claimed her life was at risk while serving in the Afghan Air Force.”

So they further requested United States’ government to reject her asylum and send her back to Afghanistan, because knowing the truth that she is not at risk at all.

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