Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Instagram launches live video in UK, user guide, tricks and tips available


After introducing live video streaming to United States in December 2016, Instagram rolled out its latest live video feature to United Kingdom to take advantage of it. Here are the tips, tricks and guidelines for new users.

Instagram has added a new live video streaming feature to its stories back in December 2016 only to the United State of America’s communities but now the live video streaming service is available for United Kingdom residents who will now use the this feature to enhance their stories. The live video feature was previously introduced by Facebook Inc. to its users who can also give likes to it.

Instagram’s newly launched feature is much familiar with Snapchat as the live video will disappear soon as the recording is over therefore, the users not have to paranoid about the footage but the functionality of sharing is available.

How to Start Live Video Streaming on Instagram:

The live video goal can be achieved by swiping right to open the device camera, just tap “Start Video Call”, after three seconds of tap the recording starts.

How to Leave Comment on Instagram Live Video:

To restrict friends from saying phrases, user can click the option of hide people and also can put manual several words phrase. There is also an option to completely turn off comments if you don’t want to bother some of your friends.

How to hide Instagram Live Videos:

To draw a boundary among working colleagues, family members and close friends, Instagram throws the option to go incognito to hide the live videos stream from certain people. In order to do so, simply go to your profile and tap Story Setting, in here tap Hide Story From and then mark the people you don’t want to share your private content with them.

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