Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan’s movie “Raees” banned in Pakistan

Raees Movie Banned in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan has put ban on Rahul Dholakia’s hit flick “Raees” which is starring Indian super star Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani star Mahira Khan for portraying Muslim as “criminals”.

Pakistan’s Government condemn ban on Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani heartthrob Mahira Khan’s blockbuster movie “Raees” which is showing Muslims in negative light. Bollywood movies and especially the movies featuring the Shah Rukh is immensely loved in Pakistan, because of this love with SRK and Pakistan’s female leading star Mahira Khan the Pakistan Cinema’s lifted their own ban on Bollywood movies.

However, the Government took a strict action and banned the stuff showing Muslims as “criminals” and terrorist. Indian action thriller film “Raees” scheduled to release on Sunday in hit Pakistani cinemas but on Monday due to inappropriate portrayal of Muslims in movie as “terrorists” proved the Indian movies should be banned.

The news had brought happiness on the faces of directors and other cast and crew of the film as it is decided to release in Pakistan’s theaters on 10 February and then the ban by Pakistan’s Government sparked a social media backlash.

After Indian Government, Indian film industry has become the rival of Pakistan and setting up a political battleground amid the tensions between India and Pakistan for disputed land of Kashmir.

The chairman of Pakistan Film Censor Board Mubashar Hassan told to AFP, “The film portray Muslims in violent and terrorists roles and the film also throwing the message that all Muslims are involved in terrorist activities and the Hindus are gentlemen people who are stopping Muslims from dirty act.”

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