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Top 10 real life Barbie Dolls in the world

Barbie dolls are quite most famous toy of girls in childhood and it is easy to envy with them. Just like dolls, there also exist real life Barbie girls that have attractive charm and packed with beauty like Barbie dolls. Barbie Girl has everything from the perfect body to fantastic dream house including beautiful hairs and admirable beauty. People from all over the globe have given intense deep look on these real life Barbies but it is impossible to get the natural look like Barbies but most of the addictive girls achieve the Barbie look by applying good amount of makeup. While the most of the girls having Barbie look, achieved that kind of look after dozens of surgeries. Here are top 10 real life Barbies in the world.

  1. Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova real life barbie girl

Moldovan-born Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has very much notable resemblance to a Barbie Doll. The real-life Barbie Doll and human Barbie Valeria has wins the first rank for being the best ever in the list of top 10 real life Barbies. The 31-years old Ukraine Beauty although have natural green eyes but to enhance the beauty, she allegedly used contact lenses as well as the Miss Diamond Crown of the World has revealed that she had breast implants to enhance the breast size. However, the body shape of human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova is natural and the output of gym workout with special diet. Indeed, the Ukraine beauty has enough attractive face along with beautiful body like a Barbie Doll.

  1. Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo real life barbie doll

Venus Isabelle Palermo who is best known as Venus Angelic is a YouTuber, gain fame for his doll like appearance. The Switzerland based real life Barbie Doll’s video “How to look like a doll” had gone viral on YouTube after its release in March 2012 that has earn as much as 14 million views. Venus Palermo born on 8th February 1997 with a doll-like beautiful face. The 20-years old human Barbie Doll is one of the best looking like Barbies for having much resemblance for having fair color, black hairs and doll like eyes. The famous London-based human doll recently dropped another tutorial which titled as “Foundation for very pale skin tone”.

  1. Angelica Kenova

Angelica-Kenova real life babrie doll girl

The third rank in the list reserved for Angelica Kenova who is another Human Barbie Doll. Angelica Kenova is professionally a psychologist, ballet dancer and a Model. The Russian based Model has gone viral on internet through social networking site Facebook for her glassy outstanding doll like appearance. Her prominence can be scaled by 20k followers on Facebook as well as Angelica Kenova has claimed that it’s impossible to meet the actual measurement of a Barbie that are 39” bust, 33” hips and 18” waist which is quite a tough standard. Overall, the Russian real life Barbie impressively have sexy body shape.

  1. Lolita Richi


Lolita Richi is emerged as a striving Human Barbie from Ukraine that has attractive look from face to body. The Ukraine’s real life Barbie is only of sixteen, claims to be the natural Barbie ever as it reveal she never goes through any surgery to achieve the doll like appearance. Lolita Richi has unveiled to UK Mirror that she is the best beauty doll in the world as she has perfect body. She also declared, she is 5 foot 4 inches tall and have Barbie like bra and waist size. To adopt Human Barbie Doll appearance she just has to wear special contact lenses.

  1. Lily Cole

top 10 real life human barbie dolls

Lily Luahana Cole is a successful English Model, entrepreneur and actress is famous for her porcelain doll face. Lily Cole was born on 27 December 1987 in the United Kingdom. The real life Barbie Lily Cole first worked as child actress when she was only of six years and make a comeback in the film industry at the age of 16. Putting the whole list members aside, Lily has much resemblance with Barbie Doll without even putting makeup and with no surgery. Most established human real-life Barbie has not claim for being the Barbie but her fans dragged her in headlines for the doll-like look.

  1. Alina Kovaleskaya

top 10 real life human barbie doll girls

Another Ukraine lady get the spot in World’s real life Barbies list for having doll-like appearance. The Human Barbie Alina Kovaleskaya claimed to have naturally doll-like face and body and also states to Hollywood Life that she never undergoes by any type of plastic surgery to achieve look like Barbie. She also revealed that she has God gifted small plump lips, small nose and her naturally golden hairs make her more perfect to fulfil the requirement of a Human Barbie. Although she admits that she manages to use special contact lenses for more attractive eyes.

  1. Dakota Rose

Dakota Rose real life babrie doll girl

The American born Dakota Rose has made several headlines for her stunning resemblance with Barbie Doll. The 21-years old real life Barbie has much famous in China and Japan as she featured in several network shows. Although she claims for having natural look but Dakota Rose has received a lot of hate as well from a large territory. Many people hate because she puts load of makeup to achieve the doll-like look. However, Dakota Rose manage to dress up like pretty much all the time for sake of Barbie look.

  1. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao reall life babrie doll girl

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Filipino award winning cosplayer, TV Presenter, model, singer and actress. The 28-years old singer cosplaying since 2003 and judging the competition from the age of eighteen, that’s is expectedly the main reason for how to do it right. Not only Alodia Gosiengfiao famous for having Barbie Doll-like look but also get fame for being ranked as the sexiest and most influential Filipino women several times. The multitalented Filipino beauty is very much interested in fashion, video games, photography and art.

  1. Lin Ketong

Lin Ketong barbie doll look

The Chinese Human Barbie is one of the real life Barbies in the world as she has face structure like a Barbie but Lin Ketong is not much famous on internet. However, variety of Lin Ketong snaps available on internet but there is not too much information available about the Chinese beauty but the collection of different snaps can make sure the resemblance with Barbie Doll. The Chinese Barbie Doll is famous with her nick name “little dragon lady” as well as the face structure is concerned, it is not clear whether Lin Ketong undergoes any kind of plastic surgery to achieve the beautiful and gorgeous look like a Barbie.

  1. Wang JiaYun

real life top 10 beautiful human barbie doll girls

The last rank is specified for a Korean real life Barbie who rocked on Korean Internet for her intensely beautiful snaps that has launched the discussion of having resemblance with Barbie Doll. In 2012, Wang JiaYun name was among the top searched name on Korean search engine due to having natural Barbie Doll-like look.  Regarding Wang JiaYun, she allegedly a school going student of Korea. She is not an authentic lady but through several photos, the claim of being fake has raise. Therefore, it on the viewers end either to believe her a real life Barbie or a photo-shopped Barbie.

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