ISIS directed suicide bomber killed at least 48 Yemeni soldiers outside military base

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Yemen: A suicide bomber follower of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria left at least 48 Yemeni soldiers dead outside a military camp early on Sunday morning while the second attack in Southern City of Aden harms more than 84 people.

Yemen-based terrorist’s group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria sends a suicide attacker in Aden- the country’s second city, the bomber targeted the area of Yemeni military base where soldiers were outside their camps and the jihadist blew himself up outside the military camps through which at least 48 soldiers killed in this deadly attack however, the responsibility of attack has been claimed by Jihadist’s group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Earlier in December, a suicide bomber detonated the same military base and carried out the casualties of more than 57 soldiers such an insecure base of Yemeni military, blasted two times in a same month. The shocking revelation is that the attack was also carried out by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

yemen suicide bombingFurther it reveals on Sunday that there recorded another terror attack in the Southern city of Aden which although not affect the death toll but the injured peoples were 57. Abdel Nasr al-Wali who is the Health Ministry official unveils the figure in an associated press.

The Security official said after initial probe to show explosion details, the ISIS inspired suicide bomber detonated the suicide vest when Yemeni military camp’s soldier lined-up to get their salaries. The suicide bomber instantly made rushed to military camp and there was no immediate chance for soldiers to take any action.

The preliminary investigation disclosed the identification of Islamic based terrorist as Abu Hashim al-Radfani, the suicide bomber previously published two stills with quite smiling face in front of black flag of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


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