Jordan shooting spree killed 10 people including a Canadian Tourist, 27 injured

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Jordan shooting killed 10 people

Kara/ Jordan: Jordan General Security Police Department Police official successfully gunned down four killers after these gunmen ambushed the Jordanian Police cops in a shooting rampage on Sunday. Although the anonymous gunmen killed a Canadian female tourist among 10 other people and the horrifying rampage injured 27 people.

A tourist destination known for one of the biggest Crusader castles in the region accessed by some unidentified attackers and unleashed the wave of bloodied firing through which a massive violence threatens the tourists inside the castle but the Karak, Jordan security Police made their way to that place to take control but the situation become critical enough that Police have to launch a shooting spree against gunmen.

In a shooting rampage, the gunmen fled to hilltop of region’s biggest Crusade castle and trapped some of tourists and harmed total of 10 people including a female Canadian tourist, four Jordan General Security Department policemen and rest were civilians. However, there were reportedly at least 27 people injured in one of the bloodied incident of the Jordan history.

According to Police Petrol, the General Security Police Department reached to a place where a gunman opened a fire in a house of Karak but as soon as the petrol arrive at house, gunmen unleashed wave of shooting that harm one of the Police official. Meanwhile, the gunman flew away by a car to a tourist place Crusade castle.

The Police failed attempt to restrict them and the shooters trapped several tourists in the castle but later freed when Police force moved into it. The bloodied rampage carried out the killings of 10 people along with 27 injured. However, the City’s Police now ensure the area is completely safe as Police seized suicide vests and weapons of them.

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