Britney Spears is Alive and Well, despite of Sony Tweet

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britney spears alive

American singer, actress and dancer claimed on Twitter and it is confirmed that she is alive, safe, and sound, therefore, all the news and reports about the singer’s death are false.

As on a Monday morning, it was reported on the Twitter account of the Song music that Britney spears dies in an accident so the news about this incident viral in no time all over the world.

sony twitter britney

Despite of the alarming news from the music account, the use of emojis and odd types of phrasing made this news suspicious and mistrustful.

But after this, it is reported that the Twitter account of Sony Music is hacked by someone, therefore, this news is posted by that person but now it is confirmed that the singer is still alive and well.

Two tweets were posted on the account in which it was claimed that American singer Britney Spears is no more with us so Britney Spears is dead by an accident.

So in response to these tweets, Spears’ rep was quick to tell the news that the pop star is alive so the tweets were deleted by Sony Music.

cnn tells britney is alive

The manger of the Britney Spears said that ‘I assume their account has been hacked’ and further he told that ‘I haven’t spoken to anyone… as of yet but I am certain their account was hacked. Britney is fine and well.

At last, this post was deleted by Sony before finding out whether it was really true; then it is told by the Singer to her fans that “don’t worry about spears, She is alive and fine”.

Because cyber issues are not new for Sony as they were also victims of one of the most high profile hacks in recent days when hackers released information about the employees and personal emails between employees.

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