Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga strips down under Shower in new video

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kylie jenner shower wet t shirt

The American reality television personality Kylie Jenner’s intimate video with her long time boyfriend Tyga went viral as the youngest Kardashian gifted the world a Christmas Present of her own on 25th December.

The youngest member of Kardashian-Jenner clan has gifted the world on the particular day of 25 December by releasing the intimate super hot and sexy video of Kylie Jenner alongside with his boyfriend Tyga sharing the intimate scenes nude. The 19-year old television personality star Kylie Jenner never ever share such nude scenes before, the teen star not restricted by her family that’s why the lady decided to unwrap herself to gain the notorious fame like her family siblings.

According to the reports, Photographer Sasha Samsonova has directed and shot the secret project that was under filming over a month ago in Venice, Clifornia and the photographer also declared earlier the W Magazine that it’s the little surprise gift of Christmas to the world territory.

The 19-years old Kylie Jenner and her 25-years old boyfriend Tyga combines in the short super sexy video, the seductive video starts with the smoking of Kylie Jenner and then Camera suddenly unveils the upper body of her nude. The lusty film reveals Kylie only wearing a soaking wet white T-shirt and touching her body in a very intimate manner.

Tyga joins Kylie and two quickly start touching and pressing their bodies up against each other. However, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner clan Kylie and Tyga caught together at her mom’s annual epic Christmas Party.


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