China will be on Mars by the end of 2020: Wu Yanhua

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china on mars by 2020

The home of modern technology China is aiming to own the race for space by the end of 2020 and in the next decade. According to reports, China is ambitious and its fast growing technological space program is targeting to land on the darker surface of the moon by 2018 and Chinese officials claimed to reach the Mars before the end of this decade.

So in this context, space agency of China held a press conference to mark and announce the release of this program on Tuesday and outlined the goals of government for exploring deep space. Deputy chief of the National space administration China, Wu Yanhua said, China is aiming to launch its first probe on Mars around 2020 to carry out the exploration of orbiting and roving, which is followed by the second mission which includes the collection of surface samples from the Mars.

They further asked him, if China is also planning to send its next Probes on Jupiter and its Moon and he replied that

“Our overall goal is that, by around 2030, China will be among the major space powers of the world,” as going back in the history of China, it was late in the race of space technology because they sent their satellite into space in 1970 when United States put their first man on the Moon. But after that China spent billions of dollars with many other resources in training and research.

Then in 2003 China marked revolution in its space technology by landing a space rover on moon and also launched a space lab which helped to open the ways for 20-ton space station. So China sent five satellites during this span of time and this success made this country third in the list after United States and Russia which are blessed with this kind of success but they are working the possibility of sending a man on the moon till 2018.

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