California’s famous “Drive-through” tree toppled by winter storms

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drive through tree in california

Arnold: The historic and ancient giant tree with hollowed-out tunnel that big enough to pass a car from it is unfortunately toppled down by heavy winter storms in California.

The ancient giant Sequoia commonly known as Pioneer Cabin which is believed to be one of the Golden State’s best known trees was bear enough storms as much as it can but finally a time arrives when the historic tree toppled by floods and also by the series of powerful winter storms in Southern and Western California.

The Pioneer tree was around 1000-years old and based in the 1880s. The giant tree counted as the Golden best tree because not only it attracts the viewers for its history but also for its advantage of tunnel.

One of the iconic trees of California, Sequoia was at Calaveras Big Trees Park and the tree with hollowed-out tunnel was big enough for cars to drive through. The 1000-years old tree was unable to bear the brunt of the series of winter rains that pummeled California over the weekend and also toppled down the historic giant tree.

KOVR uploads liver coverage to CNN in which rangers revealed the shallow root system probably contributed to the trees collapse. Regarding the hole of the ancient giant, sequoia was cut for drive through in around 1890’s, due to some issue the public trafficking were sealed and allowed only hikers to pass through it.

Jim Allday, who is the volunteer at the park said the beauty of the park fell down on Sunday nearly around 2 pm.

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