Telstra took charge to accelerate the super-fast phone speed 5G

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Australia sets for super-fast phone speed never ever introduced but now the Australian largest telecommunication and media giant company Telstra took the charge to leads super-fast phone 5G speed.

Australians snatch the opportunity from Americans to enjoy the fastest ever 5G phone speed and listed among the first in the world as the country’s largest telecommunication and media giant network Telstra has to lead the international push to accelerate the next generation of network. The country’s biggest telco scheduled the first trial during Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The Chief Executives of Telstra Mr. Andy Penn attended a consumer electronics show in Las Vegas of top Telstra executives to push international technology leaders to accelerate the development of next network generation. He said to Telstra executives and News Corp, by enabling 5G speed one could enjoy a fastest ever speed of downloading as he can download 4000 high definition movies at once and can download as much as 600 HD quality movies per minute on a smartphone, all will be came true just in three years.

Mr. Penn’s meeting with world’s top technology firms like Qualcomm, Ericsson, Microsoft and Google he said Telstra gained the position of “World-class Company”. He said, “We were around 3G, we were around 4G, and we will be around 5G.” he asserted, “it is important those global standards take into consideration the peculiarities of the Australian market.”

The Chief Executive of Telstra said the company is on work and already done three changes to optimize it for motherland as the rest of the world forgot, how big Australia is.

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