Kandahar blast: 5 UAE officials killed among 57 people in Afghanistan bombing

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5 uae diplomats killed in kandhar attack

The United Arab Emirates official WAM news agency unveiled on Wednesday the five UAE people were killed in Kandahar Blast among 57 others in series of bombing is Kabul which also wounded almost 100 people in the brutal rampage.

Deadly attacks ripped across a Muslim country Afghanistan on Tuesday when two suicide bomber exposed their suicide vests near the Parliament of Afghanistan in capital city Kabul and another blast in Afghanistan’s second largest province while the third suicide bomber killed several people by suicide bombing in Helmand province.

The brutal series of bombing has shaken the country as it caused the casualties of more than 57 people and the wounded toll is around 100. The United Arab Emirates’ official Agency WAM has claimed the killings of five UAE diplomats on Wednesday and also states that the officials are on the mission of education, humanitarian and development projects.

The President of UAE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan orders for three days mourn in the whole country in honor to pay tribute to the martyrs who devoted their lives on the mission of defense of humanitarian on Wednesday.

Two suicide attacks in Kabul carried out the killings of at least 36 individuals and there are almost 80 people injured in the deadly incident, the death and wounded toll revealed by Saleem Rasooli who is the head of country’s capital city Hospitals.

Meanwhile on the same day the blast in Kandahar province killed at least 11 people along with dozen of wounded persons in which five UAE officials also included. There are reports the Deputy Governor of second largest province also become the victim of string attacks whose responsibility claimed by Taliban terrorist group. Afghanistan’s armed forces are in war with insurgents that includes Islamic state militants, Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

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