Switzerland Court: Muslim Girls must take swimming classes with boys

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swiss muslim girls to swimm with boys

Muslim parents of Switzerland cannot refuse to send their daughters to take part in mixed swimming classes with boys as the European Court of Human Rights upheld a decision of Swiss court ruled Tuesday.

A Turkish-Swiss couple appealed Swiss Court over a fine handed down by education authorities after parents declined to send their two of their daughters to take swimming classes alongside with boys but court. It was responding to a challenge by the parents of Muslim girls who argued about the mixed classes that it is the violation of their beliefs.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has adjourned the case and pushed out the decision in favor of Switzerland which means the although it is the violation of Islamic believes but the Turkish-Swiss parents have to send their daughters in a mixed school of swimming otherwise they will face fine from education authorities.

In a statement of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) acknowledges that the religious freedom is being interfered but the judges also negotiate their decision did not violate the religious values. The case was brought in court by Turkish based family who refused to allow their teenage daughters to take part in the compulsory mixed swimming lessons.

After long-running dispute of 2010, parents will finally have to pay combine fine of $ 1,380 for acting breach of their parental duty. The educational authorities revealed that the school play of swimming is not just to learn swimming but it also pays a special part in social integration where children has to concern with other foreign origins.

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