Czech Bubble artists breaks the national record by surrounding 275 students in soap screen

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High School students gathers to mark a new record by standing in soap bubble on Wednesday. This is not the first time, the record already exists in Guinness Book of World Record in 2014.

An event has been organized in which a Czech performer of bubble art surrounded by a BMW car and total of 275 high school students in the single soap bubble screen on Wednesday. Czech Book of Records supervised the event and the representatives from Czech Book of Records declared it a new record but the participants of the record have to fulfil certain conditions.

The 275 high school students participate in the new record after getting approval from authorities and the authorities allowed only those students who were taller 156 centimeters which means their height is around 5.1-inch. A white color BMW was also put inside the soap bubble.

Matej Kodes managed to raise the soap bubble around a rectangular area of 11 meters and 7.5 meters to enclose the 275 participants and a car for few seconds.

Matej Kodes was marked this record earlier in 2014 in Guinness Book of World record after a long time practice from 2008 but that time the participants were 214.

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