Linda W; German runaway girl who accepted Islam found from Iraq

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german girl found in iraq linda w

The latest news from Iraq is that the German girl accepted Islam, and after converting to Islam she ran away from home has been found. The teenager girl has been found from Iraq where she is getting the consular assistance.  Prosecutor from eastern German city, Dresden, named as Lorenz Haase has claimed that they are in contact with the German Embassy in Iraq where they are trying their best to support that young girl.

Lorenz Haase don’t know anything about whether the girl from Pulsnitz is fighting for any Islamic militant group or not.When she was asked that if she knew anything if the girl is with militant groups of Mosul she said she has no information about that so she is not in position to confirm anything on this matter. Our information end on her arrival to Istanbul, she added.

As per some latest Iraq NEWS, military of Iraq has arrested some foreign female fighters who were fighting in Iraq against the state from IS, but the prosecutor Lorenz Hasse is unable to confirm whether that German girl is among those arrested female fighters or not.

There are few Investigation and intelligence sources which are not willing to publicize their identity they have confirmed that Iraqi military have arrested 26 people from Mosul including 2 men, 8 children and 16 women. They also added that among arrested people there are men and women from different countries, like from Chechnya, Russia, Iran, Syria, France, Belgium and Germany. Further the agencies claimed that 4 arrested women are German and among these 1 is ethnic German and she is the girl Linda W, who accepted Islam and then run away from her home.

There are some photos found that goes viral on Social media in which one girl can bee seen along with Iraqi soldiers. Identity of that girl is not yet confirmed as there are some contradicting reports because some are claiming that this is German girl Linda W while others are claiming that she might be Chechen IS fighter or she might be a girl from Yazidi group as well.

According to latest Iraq News French and German governments are in touch with Iraq’s Government and they wanted the Iraqi government to hand over the kids of those arrested women to their respective countries and then they can keep the cases as per laws of terrorism acts for those women.


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