Miss North Dakota Cara Mund is new Miss America

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Miss North Dakota Cara Mund is new Miss America

Miss America is almost a 100 years old contest and this time the contestant from North Dakota, Cara Mund, have won this title for the first time in history from this state. Cara Mund crowned Miss America last Sunday and she said it’s an honor for her state who have won this time finally. She has graduated from An Ivy League and she is also a national dance champion.

23 years old Cara Mund beat other 50 contestants from 50 different states of the USA and a district of Columbia. She said that we had only 3 girls from my state who were able to appear in Top 10 only and this time we had decided that we have to pass that top 10 and finally I have won it for my State. As she is also a dance champion, so in the talent portion of the contest she presented jazz dance on Micheal Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in a beautiful black dress.

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When asked about the Trump’s decision of pulling out of Paris agreement, she said that she believes it was a bad decision and whether you agree with climate change or not, you need to be on the table in any case.

Miss Americal Cara Mund defeated Miss Missouri Jennifer Davis who was the 1st runner-up and Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel who was the second runner-up of the event. The contest was based on different question answer sessions, personal interviews, talent and appearances in gowns and swimsuits.

The winner of the contest Cara Mund will receive a salary of 100K+ USD along with 50,000 USD scholarship and expenses for a whole year.

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