Apple App Store Not Available for the iPhone Users in Iran

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A bad news for Iranian iOS developers and the iPhone, iPad users. The Apple users in Iran can no longer access the Apple’s App Store. According to news, they couldn’t access the App Store all the day today and now it is confirmed that Apple has blacklisted Iran in their store.


According to various sources, the Ban was imposed early morning and now many apps made by the Iranian developers has been removed from the App Store and users can’t access any apps while they are in Iran.

Apple is not doing any kind of business in Iran, as there is no official Apple store or Apple is not exporting their iPhone, iPads and other iDevices to Iran. But iPhone lovers in Iran can still use the iPhone as some Irani importers get the iPhone from various stores in other countries and iPhone users were able to download and install many iOS apps which are available in Iran.

Apple started removing the iOS app developers from Iran during the last year. In the start of 2017, Apple removed many applications that were facilitating the financial transactions in Iran and then in August, they have removed many consumer applications, such as food delivery app, ride-hailing app and many more apps like this.

But today Apple has totally blocked the access of App Store in Iran and any user who tried to access the app store greeted with the unpleasant message: “The App Store is unavailable in the country or region you’re in.”


The users from Iran reacted on this decision made by Apple and they said that we are also human and we are using your Apps and also we pay you to use these applications so why this ban is imposed on us? These messages are spreading on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Apple has not provided any official response but most probably this is due to the policies of Donald Trump and US sanctions on Iran. And it is confirmed from the response of Apple to the Iranian iOS developers as they said: “Under the US sanctions regulations, the App Store cannot host, distribute, or do business with apps or developers connected to certain US embargoed countries.”

Well, the ban is IP based and Iranians can still use the App Store and can download/install their favorite applications from the Apple’s App Store using a VPN service.


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