Hackers’ Attacks on Facebook, Stealing 3 Million Accounts Details

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Facebook Hackers

Details of 3 million accounts were stolen after hackers’ attacks on Facebook. After which there has been a fear that hackers can benefit from consuming personal information of their customers and also harm them.


The social networking website is proving to be extremely insecure due to hackers’ attacks. A total of 5 million users’ data was stolen in the last month of September and according to the new statement issued by the company, more than 3 million consumer accounts have been hacked in another attack.

According to the Facebook statement, hackers managed to steal 3 million users’ emails and phone numbers. Hackers acquired 3 million users ‘Access Tokens’ using 4 million accounts. Access token is used to login without having to enter a password in facebook.

The attack has stolen information about 1.4 million users’ names, contact numbers, private information including sex, sexual status and where they are going. Other 1.5 million users’ names and contact numbers are stolen.

Facebook has also released the page where users can find out whether or not they include the affected people. If users open that page then it will write a message from Facebook that their account is safe or hacked.


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