The Lack of Sleep Increases the Risk of Death, Experts

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Lack of sleeping

Modern medical research has been said that lack of sleep on daily basis can cause major problems for body and mind and finally it can result in human death.


In a report, a number of scientific and medical research studies have been reported that, for an adult, it is necessary to take 7 to 9 hours sleep daily, children should sleep for more than that. If a person sleeps less than that period of time, it means that his body and mind are facing such anxiety and diseases which ultimately may lead to death.

Medical investigations have shown that lack of sleep or irregularity in sleeping has a great connection with many diseases. These diseases include cancer, especially backbone and breast cancer.

In addition, sleep loss or breakdown in sleeping results in the absence of a person’s bad skin, because the body does not have the desired comfort. After all, it draws man towards the old age.


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