For the Last Time, We Are Going to IMF, Asad Omar

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Asad Omar

Federal Minister for Treasure Asad Umar says for the last time, we are going to IMF While the value of the dollar in the next 7 to 8 months will decrease by 26, 27 percent.

Addressing a function after visiting Pakistani stock market in Karachi, Federal Minister for Treasure Asad Umar said that the stock market is doing great work. The business keeps ups and down, but investors trust in the stock market is necessary.


If the economy increases, the stock market will increase but not having alarming. The stock market situation in the media looks very bad but it is nothing like this.

Asad Omar said that doing business in Pakistan has been very expensive. If the investment in the market is low due to taxation, it should be fine and we have to improve the overall investment environment when Pakistan’s exports are increasing and have taken steps to reduce imports the trade deficit will be less than that.

The Treasury said that the account deficit has increased from $ 2 billion to $ 18 billion. Fast bankruptcy was going on, Pakistan needed $ 27 billion with debt account deficit and external payments.


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