Acid-Resistant Make-up for Women is Invented

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It is a crime against humanity by throwing acid on women and disturbing face and suffering from an Unnecessary torture throughout life. To resolve this issue, a female doctor has prepared such a make-up that will protect the women face form acid despite being thrown out.


According to reports, in the world’s most populous country UK acidic attacks are increasing, after which, a Muslim doctor, Dr. Almas Ahmed, has prepared a make-up that can protect women from this horrific attack.

32-year-old Alas Ahmed said the importance of such a makeup has increased further after the sharp attack on the British model Katie Piper. She has made a mixture of ‘Acryer’ that does not interact with acid.

Due to which Almas is optimistic, this mixture can be mixed easily in conventional make-up, creams, and sunglasses.

Almas said that she has been working on make-up for the last 10 years, which can save women from a sudden acidic attack.


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