Never Underestimate Imran Khan: Says Raj Chengappa in India Today

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Indian media demands a positive reply from PM Modi on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s peace offer. Many renowned journalists suggested that this is the only way to resolve all the issues between Pakistan and India.

Raj Chengappa, in his article published in ‘India Today’, said that Imran is famous for taking bold and fearless decisions when he was a cricketer. He gave an example of 1992 Worldcup when the weakest Pakistani team won the Worldcup because of the fearless captaincy of Imran Khan and said: “never underestimate Imran Khan“.

Raj further added that Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Asif Ali Zardari, the former President of Pakistan made this mistake and they didn’t take Imran Khan seriously in the politics of Pakistan. Both the leaders took Imran Khan just as a cricketer and a playboy and as a result, the whole Shareef family and the Bhutto family are facing serious allegations of corruption. On the other hand the former cricketer Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He further said that Modi is making the same mistake and he miscalculated the abilities of Imran Khan. In his detailed article, Raj Chengappa said that with the decision of the Kartarpur border Imran Khan is playing on the front foot, while because of the shyness that Modi’s govt has shown, India is on the backfoot now.


According to Raj, the writer of ‘India Today’, the negative response by Modi on the Kartarpur border can become a serious problem for India as the world is appreciating the step taken by team Imran. He further added that calling off the talks by India between Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Indian external affairs minister Sushma Suraj was the wrong move by PM Modi.

You can read the complete article published in India Today here.

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