How To Keep Your Figure In Shape After Pregnancy

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keep figure after baby

It is a major concern of every woman to regain her pre-pregnancy graceful body shape after her child’s birth. It is very normal that every woman gains some extra pounds during her pregnancy. In general, a woman tends to have a weight acceleration of 25 to 35 pounds during the natal period of her fetus.

After her baby’s birth, she may only shed from 12 to 15 pounds of weight from her total weight gained. To come back in shape, she wishes to lose all extra gained pounds, but this is not that easy. To lose pregnancy-related weight, women have to make many consistent efforts.

Only some are successful in maintaining a high level of the workout and give themselves sufficient time to acquire back the feminine grace.


Get your Figure back after Pregnancy

It is very important to lose weight after the pregnancy period. You are supposed to be aware of your health and struggle to maintain your body in shape and remain fit. Apart from it, it is necessary to boost the energy level of your own body and cut off weight to stay livelier and reduce lethargy.

If you are not able to shed your additional weight from your past pregnancy it will influence your physical health and makes you lethargic, tense and sometimes can cause sadness and despair in many women.

Tips To Get Back In Shape

  •  Balanced Diet is the first most important aspect to be considered
  • Exercise regularly and breastfeeding are some important tips to shed weight and get back in shape.
  • Regular exercise should also be followed that keeps you in shape. Too much exercise and limiting your diet is harmful after pregnancy. Your body adds weight throughout nine months of pregnancy so it will definitely take time to shed weight.
  • Planned schedule for correct diet and exercise.
  • Breastfeed your child is one of the most excellent ways to shed your weight. It is not only beneficial for you in losing weight, it strengthens your bond with your baby, and he or she grows in perfectly the most healthy way like no other resource of milk can be a substitute of your milk for your baby. It helps your uterus to retain back original shape fast due to the process of involution due to the influence of hormones.
  • Always plan your dietary routine. You can have two or three snacks in a day with two balanced healthy meals.
  • It’s good to take eggs, toast and any fresh fruit juice in your breakfast.
  • Have fruits or a cup of fruit salad in your snack time. If you wish to eat any sweet, then natural frozen yogurt or fresh fruit sorbet is a good option.


  • You need a sufficient amount of protein in your meal. Take baked chicken or baked fish, etc.
  • Choose for fat-free foods, try to cook them on steam or grill pan.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as they are full of fiber. 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day are quite effective to rapidly burn extra calories.
  • Do not go for a radical diet. Your body is still puzzled after so many modifications. It is best to lose 500 grams per week.

Many mothers should realize that after birth it is expected that they can’t get back directly into their favorite dresses, it is not easy! Always remember that before moving yourself for a diet, you must have to go through a recovery period at least six weeks after delivery, and should also agree to the idea that after birth your body will modify. So keep patience in yourself.


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