What Are The Effects Of Sleeping Pills On My Body?

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sleeping pills effects on body

There is no denial in the fact that insomnia and other sleeping disorders are getting very common in the past few decades. People mostly spend nights in restlessness while changing positions, trying hard to get sound sleep, but to no avail.

Even if they get success in falling asleep, a little movement or sound awakes them. No doubt, it makes them feel disturbed and frustrated. This ongoing process continues without any break every night. This whole process of sleeplessness leads to the doctor, who is in the right position to suggest a suitable solution to the problem.


The first and foremost way to counter the problem is by taking a sleeping pill. There are many questions asked regarding the side effects of sleeping pills, and people usually get scared of taking it.

The reason of this fearfulness is due to the published stories in the newspaper about the sufferers who have gone through the side effects of the sleeping pills. These fears are in the form of sleepwalking, sleep-driving, or even eating, although the person is in his sleep.

Not just that, high consumption of the pills may be lethal and cause a heart attack or other major disturbances. Due to all such issues, people feel scared of taking sleeping pills as a way to treat their insomnia.

The negative effects of the sleeping pill indicate everyone to give some time to search about the true impacts of the particular kind of sleeping pill before consumptions of this medicine. In this way, you will be in a better place to think about what will happen to your body or mind, well before.

The sleeping pills can be a sedative that induces the nervous system to calm down or a tranquilizer that basically reduces anxiety, tension, and distress. This medication is used to make your muscles and body calm.


However, no matter what sleeping pill you are taking, the impacts are usually the same by all of them. The main purpose of all these drugs is the same i.e. to induce sleep. Nonetheless, the side effects of sleeping pills differ from one person to another. The impacts could be minor to major and vary from general, physical, or mental impacts.

Some of the mental impacts caused due to sleeping pills are nervousness, irritation, tremors, and tension. In some cases, sleeping pills make it difficult for the patient to fall asleep. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor instead of self-prescribing a particular kind of sleeping pill.

The major physical effects resulting due to sleeping pills can be drowsiness, eating disorder, stomach issues, and dryness in the mouth. The dryness and stomach issues may be caused because of the certain reaction of the drug with the sensitive wall of the stomach or with the entire body wall.

Because of these side effects, pregnant women are required not to take sleeping pills during pregnancy. The main reason is that sleeping pills have the tendency to cross the placenta to reach the baby and consequently harm him.

In addition to sleeping pills, there are other healthy ways to get a good sleep at night as prescribed by doctors in the form of hypnosis, a balanced diet, exercise, and lifestyle change.


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