Published On: Wed, Jun 10th, 2020

Best Ways To Increase Breasts Size Naturally or Surgical

ways to increase breast size naturally

Breast enhancement is a medical term often used to refer to the enlargement of the size of the breast and a form of plastic surgery that usually involves placing of silicone or saline breast implants usually either behind the breast tissues or chest muscle to be able to enhance the size of breasts or their shape so that they do appear to be full.


Breast enhancement is usually a personal need depending on oneself, specifically for those ladies that do perceive that their breasts being small or shapeless and would wish the condition to be rectified.

Weight losing is most of the time known to make breasts appear smaller than usual thus may provoke one to try and enlarge them. Aging or giving birth is also known times to lead to breasts depreciating in size and shape thus make one seek breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement is known to add to the size of the breast, shape and at the same time give a better contour while leading to a bigger cleavage.

Breast enlargement is supposed to be given a clear thought before one decides to go under the knife as like any other surgery there are effects usually associated with it such as breast cancer in some ladies. It should also be performed on one’s owns consent not what others are telling you but should essentially come out of you.

Before the surgery, one is essentially asked the size and shape that one desires so that it can be implanted. Before the implantation is given a go-ahead one is usually asked a few vital questions so that it ends up being a successful operation, this usually includes the allergies medical treatments that one might have come across during previous breast biopsies.


Preparation before a breast enlargement process basically involves one stopping smoking in advance if she is a smoker or if one is engaging in weight loss process one should basically finish it and be stable before going under the knife.

How to Get Bigger Breasts Fast?


There are various proven methods to enlarge breast size. There are some natural ways to increase breast size but these methods are slow and you need to wait for the results. You may also find a few natural ways to increase breast size in a week but these are mostly misleading headings or they are not the natural ways.


If you want to get bigger breasts fast then the only option is surgical breast augmentation. There are two different methods one is the surgical breast enhancement method and the other one is the natural way to increase the breast size that is also called non-surgical breast enhancement.

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Surgical Breast Augmentation

Surgical breast augmentation involves the incision and creating of pocket like in the chest or in the breast whereby a breast implant is usually placed. The incision can either be made below the breast region, around the areola region, or sometimes under the armpit region.

The placements usually depend on the anatomy of the breasts or soreness after surgery or the physical activities that one usually engages on a daily basis so that it can highly be successful.

Usually, it is either silicone gel or saline breast implants that are usually used as implants and the type to be used usually depends on one’s body responsiveness so that it does not produce any reactions.

Surgical breast augmentation usually takes 1 to 2 hours and one should carefully choose a well-experienced practitioner. The recovery period usually depends on someone and one can be able to go back to normal activities in a few day’s time.

It is usually advisable not to engage in any strenuous activity between 7 to 10 days after surgery and total recovery is usually 2 weeks. During recovery time one usually feels tired and sore for only a few days and slight swelling or bruising.


After surgery one is usually given a light dressing of the breasts which is usually required to be kept clean and dry during the time of healing. Scars might appear after surgery of which may remain in the same size for several months after which they will subside.

natural ways to increase breast size fast

Breast augmentation is known to increase the breast size of a lady making the clothes fit better thereby resulting in increased self-esteem and confidence of someone and they will remain in this size for the rest of life. Augmented breasts are known to sag after some time such that they may require reconstructive surgery.

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Non-Surgical or Natural Breast Enhancement


Breast enhancement can not only be enhanced by the surgical method, nevertheless, but this method also tends to be more expensive for many girls who have small breasts to get hold of.

Many chicks tend to dream of having larger boobs that are highly sexy but surgical methods tending to be more expensive their dreams tend to be more shuttered without the knowledge that there are other methods that can be used to enlarge their breasts.

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There are some breast enhancement herbal products or creams that have medically been proven to enhance once breasts and are usually safe and quite cheap. These products increase the breasts naturally thereby not affecting the woman’s emotional and psychological standards.

Breast enhancement supplements are usually known to contain natural ingredients such as dandelion, vitamin C, fennel, watercress, etc. The cream is known to contain powerful ingredients such as  Aloe Vera, retinol-A, red clover.


The combination of these ingredients, not only increases the breast size it also highly boosts the reproductive organs and is highly known to have anti-aging properties.

The cream is basically applied like any other cream on top of the breasts and is known to highly nourish the breast tissues and lifts them up. This great enhancement cream may essentially be used to protect one from the sagging of breasts or shrinking.

natural breast enhancement cream

Applying these creams and engaging in various types of exercises will gear you up to the enlargement of breasts, chest exercises are essential in preventing the breast from sagging thereby ensuring they come out firm and leaned upwards. This is the best way to increase breast size without surgery.

Natural herbs are other nonsurgical breast enhancements that can successfully be used to promote big breasts. These herbs are able to increase the breast size naturally by increasing the levels of progesterone and prolactin hormones that are known to promote bigger breasts. Fennel and fenugreek are some of these natural herbs that are usually highly recommended.

One of the most effective forms of nonsurgical breast enhancement is mainly the use of prosthetic devices although they are not effective for skimpier outfits such as bikinis they do come with a guarantee of no related side effects while wearing them. The prosthetics usually include pushups bras and breast pads made of silicone this is usually effective when one is wearing clothing.