5 Common Health Issues For Men and Women At Midlife

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Most of us know the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and eating a nutritious diet to remain fit and healthy. The importance of both these factors, however, keeps increasing as we start aging. While approaching midlife, it becomes more important to remain fit and stay away from diseases. Midlife is associated with rapid aging processes and a multitude of different health disorders.


Different perils of midlife give jitters to most people who wish to lead a long life, without being dependent on anybody. If you are one such health and fitness-freak, read along to know about the different health risks that remain most prevalent during midlife.

Heart Ailments

Most people are susceptible to a number of heart ailments during midlife. The excess accumulation of fat and cholesterol, called plaque, cause the blood supply in arteries to be restricted, leading to blockages. This causes coronary heart diseases which can result in a heart attack.

A heart attack can also be caused by rheumatic fever. Common causes of these heart ailments are high cholesterol levels, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking. The chances of a heart attack are more in the case of women who have early menopause.

The best way to avoid the possibility of a heart attack during midlife is to increase physical activities and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Give up smoking and control your blood sugar levels, in order to avoid these heart ailments. Beat the lethargy attitude, and go for regular workouts or brisk walks to achieve the best results.

In the past, heart problems were the basic cause of miscarriages, but now thanks to the medical advancements that successful pregnancy is possible even in high-risk heart diseases.


Cancer is another deadly disease that strikes most people in their midlife. It afflicts men in the form of prostate cancer or colon cancer, and women in the form of ovarian, breast or cervical cancer.


The common causes of cancer during midlife are due to hereditary or dietary inadequacies. Though cancer can hit anybody, regardless of their age, it is more likely to hit women after their menopause due to the varying hormonal levels.

Cancer is a deadly disease that cannot be completely eluded, but you can always be vigilant about different symptoms of cancer. Symptoms such as aches and pains, changes in lymph nodes, urinary difficulties, unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, or appearance of lumps or warts must not be taken lightly during midlife. Make sure you get regular tests and check-ups done.


The drop in stamina during midlife leads to laziness, which further leads to a lack of physical activities. This causes an increased deposit of fat in your bodies, which can be quite dangerous. The sudden weight gain can make you more likely to suffer from diabetes.

In order to evade the possibility of having diabetes, it is advisable to prefer fresh fruits and vegetables to the sugary compounds and carbohydrates in your diet. You can increase the number of physical activities to further minimize the risks of diabetes.


This predicament is common in middle-aged women, due to the low levels of estrogen after menopause. In order to avoid facing the problem of osteoporosis, it is best to increase the intake of calcium as you draw closer to midlife.


Even certain men may face this problem, which causes bones to become fragile. Learn why women face more bone problems. Osteoporosis also affects certain people in the form of arthritis. Intake of multivitamin supplements is greatly recommended to avoid the problem of osteoporosis in every way.


Most people suddenly become very whiny, upset, and feel stressed out during midlife. The sudden changes in your appearance and the varying levels of hormones during midlife can trigger feelings of depression in most people. This depression further leads to a number of different health disorders such as dementia and disorders related to eating or sleeping.

These disorders further increase the risks of other ailments. A good way to deal with depression is to feel more confident and try to accept the transit positively. Start working on your physical appearance to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

You can consider the application of makeup and anti-wrinkle or acne free cream to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. It is also advisable to exercise and work out regularly, in order to stay in shape and lose excess weight. Malnutrition at elderly is also a big cause of different health issues at midlife.

Midlife can be considered as the beginning of a new journey in your life. You must positively embrace this new phase of your life, and avoid the stress of any kind. Make most of your midlife, by spending time on yourself. You can utilize this time of your life to learn new things, and spend some quality time with your family and friends.


Sara Batool

I am doing my master's degree at Bahauddin Zakariya University and at the same time, I am working as a news editor at "The Daily News Times".

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