Tips on Adult Braces, Types and Prices

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There was a time when an adult voluntarily getting a brace would be cause for concern or at least gossip, but no longer is that the case. The practice has become so popular over the past decade or so that it has become commonplace for anyone twenty-something and up to request the current releases to adjust the look of their teeth.

Currently, there are three popular brands that are leading the way in adult cosmetic dentistry, and we will be taking a look at each one, plus any perks or benefits that may go along with their use.

The Invisalign Braces

One of the most popular brands of adult braces currently on the market now has to be the many versions of the Invisalign Braces that debuted more than a decade ago.

Available for both children and adults, the Invisalign system does not use metal wires or brackets to straighten out misaligned teeth, making it a much more comfortable system to use. The appliances themselves are translucent, appearing to be invisible once they are placed on the teeth during use.

These clear braces are also removable, making caring for the teeth while wearing these braces a lot easier to do. If you want to eat something that you know will play havoc with your braces, you simply remove them until the meal is done. Afterward, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, and put the Invisalign braces back in.

With old braces, you had to come in every few weeks to have X-rays taken, and the wires adjusted to further align your teeth. With Invisalign, you will receive several sets of translucent teeth braces to wear. Each set is designed to be worn for at least two weeks per set, if this changes, your orthodontist should let you know.

Each set of braces you wear is gradually adjusting the position of your teeth. The overall design makes Invisalign very comfortable to use, so much so that you will probably not even feel them working. Once the two weeks is up, you simply switch to the next set of braces and set the old ones aside.

Invisalign treatments range from £1500-£5000+

Lingual Braces

Consisting of primarily wire brackets, and the wires used to adjust the position of the teeth, the Lingual system is so named because of the way the wire brackets will be mounted: behind the teeth, instead of in front. This method also helps patients adjust to speaking around their braces faster because there is less to block the tongue when they are mounted behind the teeth.

Because of the different frameworks for this system from the old, it will require fewer adjustments of the archwires that realign the teeth. This means fewer visits and less discomfort for the patient.

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There is a downside to this system, however, and it has to do with the way the wires are placed. As long as the wires are mounted behind the teeth, there is a greater chance for food to become trapped. So, while there may be fewer appointments for adjustments to the wires, you may have to add teeth cleaning sessions to just keep your teeth up to standard while using these braces.

Lingual braces treatment range from £3000-£5000

The Damon Braces

Yet another alternative to metal teeth braces has recently been released to the marketplace under the name Damon. These are designed to be self-adjusting, so when they have installed the individual archwires that linked each tooth to the other have been eliminated.

Instead, the wire brackets used are smaller, without having to leave space for all that extra wire, and memory wire is used to connect the teeth to the brackets.

The memory wire helps to hold the teeth in place as they naturally shift over the weeks of treatment, making the overall system a more comfortable one to use.

The use of memory wires in these braces makes the time-worn a lot shorter than it would have been, otherwise, sometimes shortening it to half of the traditional treatment period. Counting adjustment sessions, patients will only need around sixteen sessions in all to complete treatment.

Damon braces range from £2000-£6000

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