7 Days Workout Plan For Beginners To Get In Perfect Shape

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7 Days Workout Plan For Beginners

The gym provides the ultimate place for one to be able to work out the entire body muscles depending on one’s goals and usually a great way to stay physically fit and in good health.

Although the gym is a place where one needs to push him/herself to the limit care should be taken to avoid unnecessary injuries this can be complemented by one ensuring a daily intake of a well-balanced diet full of proteins and a good rest of 6-8 hours of sleep.

When taking a gym workout plan one should consider certain factors in order to make it a successful experience, this includes such things as gender age or physique and if you are a beginner it would be nice to start with the beginner’s workout plan.

Below is a workout plan that will ensure you get lean tone-up muscles irrespective of your age gender or physique.

Day 1

This mainly involves working one’s Chest calves and Abs


Chest: Warm-up with sets of 15 lightweight dumbbell flies making sure you have a good stretch over the entire chest, 2 sets and 10 reps of the inclined dumbbell should follow suit. Finally complete the chest workouts with 3 sets, 10 reps of cable cross-over

Calves: This should be easy, with the calf raised and in a seated position perform 3 sets, 15 reps accompanied with 3sets, 10 reps while in the standing position

Abs: Finish the first day on a high note by 3 sets, 20 rep of crunches while the knees are up and crossing at the ankles.

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Day 2


This will mainly involve doing vigorous cardio

One should start a minimum of 20 minutes of intensive cardio entailing running or biking while in the gym, this will facilitate the stretching of muscles .conclude the cardio with 20 minutes of gentle stretching with each stretch for about 30 seconds.

Day 3

7 days workout plan treadmill

On the third day, you can warm up with a bike or treadmill for about 5 minutes accompanied with leg press for 5 sets, 12 sets. Squats of 3 sets, 10 reps should be followed with leg extension 3 sets.10 reps climax of the day should be deadlights 3 sets, 10 reps

Day 4

Rest is vital for anybody’s muscles and this day should be your day off to ensure the relaxation of the tension on your body muscles.

Day 5

shoulder workout plan

Day 5 means a back to the business day and will basically entail working the back and the shoulders

Back: You should get yourself out of the rest mode with 3 sets, 12 reps of wide grip pull down by starting the first set with light weights gradually increasing the weights. Follow the weights with 2 sets, 10 reps of chin lifts

Shoulder: On the shoulder, part performs 3 sets, 12 reps of shoulder press by starting the first set on lightweights increasing gradually then conclude the day with a workout on the rear delt machine for 3 sets, 12 reps.

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Day 6

workout plan triceps women

By this day your muscles should be gaining shape and to make them stronger this day you will work out the triceps and biceps

Biceps: Begin the day by warming up the muscles with 1 set,15 reps of standing barbell curls on lightweight proceeded with 2 sets,2 reps of preacher curls concentrating on squeezing the biceps.

Triceps: Begin the working out of triceps with 3 sets, 10 reps of close grip bench press and conclude the day session with3 sets, 10 reps of pushdowns on a rope or bar.

Day 7

Follow the workout plan of day 2

Continuous following of the above procedure under the supervision of an instructor will ultimately ensure you get well-built muscles in a week’s time.

7 days workout plan beginners

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