Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2020

All You Need To Know About Maxi Taxi in Perth, Western Australia

Maxi Taxi Perth

Those who wanted to know about the Maxi taxi or a Maxi cab, this is the best article for them. They can get answers to almost all the questions they have in their mind. We focused Perth, Western Australia for prices and other rules. Let’s talk about the maxi taxi in Perth.

How Many Persons Fit in a Maxi Taxi?

Maxi Taxi is a big cab that can be used for family or group tours. A maxi taxi in Perth can accommodate 10 or 11 persons at a time. With a group of 11 people, you can put a lot of luggage as well in the same maxi cab. So overall, a Maxi cab is a good option for you if you want to travel with a group of friends or family members.

What are the Specific Features of a Maxi Taxi?

One feature is very obvious that you can book a  Perth Maxi Taxi for a group of 10 to 11 passengers. But along with that, there is another feature that is very attractive for some people. A maxi taxi is a wheelchair-accessible cab so if you have senior citizens with you who need to use a wheelchair, then a maxi cab is the best option for you.

How to Book a Perth Maxi Taxi?

It is very easy to books a maxi taxi in Perth. You can simply download the app of Perth Maxi Cabs or you can use the phone number (61) 470-020-676 to book a taxi for you. You can also request them to call you back from their website or you can use the contact us form on the website to make a booking for Perth Maxi Taxi.

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How to Make an Advance Booking?

Many taxi services only allow booking a maxi cab for with in the next 48 hours. But only a few good taxi services like Perth Maxi Cabs, you can make an advance booking for almost 1 month with or without any advance payment.

How Much It Costs to Book a Maxi Taxi in Perth?

The normal fare is $45 AUD in Perth for a 1-hour booking of Maxi Taxi. But it can vary in some cases. So it is preferred to ask the service provider for the hourly rate or fixed rate.

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