August 5 – The Day of another Fake Promise for Kashmiris

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5 August Kashmir Lockdown Curfew

The August 5, 2020 marks one year to the curfew in disputed Jammu and Kashmir. It was the same day last year when the Indian government abolished two vital articles related to Kashmir. New Delhi abrogated articles 370 and 35(a) that safeguard the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

The government promised the masses that these articles are hurdles against the development in the valley. By removing them, we will ensure that Jammu and Kashmir develop at par with other Indian states.

However, unrest soon broke out in the whole valley. People came out in protest, and the atomic power has to deploy thousands of additional military to keep things normal. Jammu and Kashmir have experienced the longest social lockdown in human history. The curfew started from August 5, 2019, and today marks one-year.


If we analyze all the events that happened during this time, we find that worse things outnumbered goods, if any. People have little to no social security, there are days without cellular signals or fast internet, the military keeps roaming inside the towns, military clashes are common, food and medical facilities are scarce, and people are facing more problems than ever.

Foreign companies are investing and exploiting the resources of the valley with no security for locals. There is a new domicile law that allows outsiders to get the local domicile and claim properties in the disputed region. Military camps are getting common with the military, claiming more areas than the locals.

Search operations, false accusations, forced disappearances, and brutal show of force is becoming more common than ever. In short, the abrogation of articles 370 and 35(a) has brought no goods for the disputed region. It proved another fake state promise for the people of the valley.

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