Published On: Fri, Aug 7th, 2020

Government to Reopen Gilgit Baltistan for Tourists From Saturday, 08 August

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Reopens after COVID 19

With the declining COVID cases in the country, the Federal Government has asked to lift the lockdown almost completely in various sectors. One of the major sectors is the tourism industry on which the ban is lifted as per the decisions of NCOC.

After the signal from the National Command and Operation Center, the Gilgit Baltistan Government also decided to open their province for tourists. GB, which is the hub for tourism, was closed for the public from several months when the government announced a lockdown in March 2020.

Since the COVID cases in the country are reducing with the latest active cases just above 5000, the government was fast to open almost all restrictions. Mir Afzal Khan, who is the caretaker Chief Minister of GB, has issued restrictions in this regard for local industry and tourists.

As per these instructions, the province is open for all tourists from Saturday, 08 August. However, every tourist must show their medical reports as per demand. Strict SOPs must be followed all over the province to ensure COVID doesn’t spread.

If a person is marked cleared as per his medical reports, he will get permission to visit and experience the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan.

However, as per the decision of NCOC, dine-in in the restaurants will resume from 10 August. So, tourists might face issues in getting quality space for food at the weekend.

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Pakistan is recovering from the deadly attacks of COVID-19 and is reopening its economy. The country received a lot of appreciation from the world based on her idea of a “smart lockdown” that enabled to tackle the deadly virus as well as keep the economy going.

Sports activities, public transport, beauty parlors, expos, shrines, and almost all sectors except marriage halls and educational institutes will reopen soon in the country.