Netflix Vs Hulu: The Fight for Best Video Streaming Service

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Choosing between different streaming services to find the best one for your needs can be challenging. If you’re a holistic entertainment junkie, the only solution may be to subscribe to all of them.

But most of us can’t fork out a significant amount every month for multiple streaming services. This is where the choice starts getting tough.

To make matters more digestible, let’s compare two of the top-ranking streaming services in the United States. This blog explores which is the better streaming service.

Better Content

A streaming service is useless to you if it does not have the type of content you like to absorb. The first point of comparison is which of the two has more high-quality content. Netflix spends upwards of $13 billion on content every single year. In terms of quantity of content, this places it at a far higher position than most other services.

It also spends heavily on producing high-quality content from Stranger Things to dark to Narcos. It is home to some of the best original movies in addition to award-winning TV shows.

Hulu, on the other hand, has a different advantage to offer. Unlike Netflix, the platform has up-to-date episode lists for every TV show. That means you can watch the latest episode of your favorite show on Hulu at the same time as it airs on TV. While it does not have as much content as Netflix, it is still going to deliver your entertainment fill faster.

Value For Money

Both streaming services offer different tiers of subscription levels. These are determined by what features you need, what video quality you prefer, and what sound quality you want.

In Hulu’s case, it also includes whether you want an ad-supported or ad-free experience. The Netflix experience starts at $9 for the basic SD plan and $16 for the premium 4K plan.

By comparison, Hulu has a much lower starting price for the basic plan at just $6 per month. However, this version contains ads and commercials that run at scheduled times, much like TV. The ad-free version costs around $12, which is a welcome relief from repetitive ads.

Here you can check the top things that you should know about Hulu live TV streaming service.

Device Support

Hulu runs with just about every smartphone, tablet, gaming console, streaming box, and PC. It’s the same for Netflix. The appeal of these apps lies in the fact that they do not restrict themselves to specific devices. Essentially, any smart device that can play a video can run both Netflix and Hulu.

Video and Sound Quality

Both the video and audio quality of your streaming service have a huge impact on your streaming experience. In terms of high-quality streams, Netflix is by far the clear winner.

Of course, the premium subscription is bound to be pricey, but for videophiles and audiophiles, a few extra dollars are a small price to pay. By comparison, Hulu does not yet offer 4K image quality and has stereo sound compared to Dolby Atmos on some Netflix content.

User Experience

Both services are tied when it comes to user experience. The two apps both come with an intuitive design and interface. This makes them very easy to navigate for anyone who has ever used a smartphone.

Netflix also has a robust recommendations engine that encourages users to explore exciting new content based on their preferences. On the other hand, Hulu allows you to add on premium channels like HBO, which it consolidates on the premium version.

So you have all your channels in one place, making it easier to navigate.

The Bottom Line

Both platforms are at the top of the food chain when it comes to over-the-top streaming services. They both have a large selection of original titles, including many popular TV shows and movies.

For people who are extremely picky about image quality and exclusive content, Netflix might be the better option if you don’t mind paying more for 4K.

On the other hand, if you can’t wait for three months, or even a year, for your favorite shows’ latest episode to come to your streaming service, choose Hulu.

The channel acquires new broadcast episodes soon after they are aired, so you can catch all the latest action much earlier than Netflix. You also have a lower starting price in this case.

Ultimately, however, your choice of internet provider will be a bigger determining factor than your choice of the streaming platform. A bad provider is bound to ruin your streaming experience. A good provider will have the opposite effect.

Look for good providers near you, such as through a Google search for the best internet providers in NewYork. Look for what’s available near you, and make sure you choose a plan with enough bandwidth for intensive streaming.

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