Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2020

3 Best Pet Monitoring Cameras That Every Dog Owner Should Know


Pet monitoring is a specialized job; you can’t just keep pets at home without knowing about the nature of pets and how to treat them. Along with the knowledge and training to deal with the pets, you should also have pet monitoring cameras in the room of your pets.


The pet surveillance camera is the basic equipment in the pet monitoring system. Here I will list the 3 best Pet monitoring cameras about which every dog owner should know so that he can buy any one of these dog cameras.

Different Apps are available on iPhone Appstore or Google Play that can be used with these cameras. Here you can find some best iPhone security camera apps that you can use with these pet monitoring cameras.

1: Motorola Scout66


I will list the Motorola Scout66 at the top because it is the most affordable and cheap pet camera. You can use the basic systems of a pet monitoring system without paying any subscription fees.


This dog monitor camera can be connected to Hubble where you can store the videos recorded from this pet camera. The best thing about Motorola Scout66 is that it can also update you with the environment. For example, the temperature of the room where you keep your pet and a few more features. From this information, you could know that if your pet is feeling good or not.

2: PetChatz HD


Just like other Pet cameras this PetChatz HD camera allows you to make two-way video calls. You can call from your tab and also someone at home can call you using this PetChatz HD camera.

This pet surveillance camera also has soothing scent dispensing capabilities along with sound and motion detection features. The best thing about this camera is one additional paid feature which is called the PawCall button.

Your pet can call you using this button if you have installed it on the floor or on a wall with a suitable height. This camera is expensive but has the best features according to its price.


3: Petzi Treat Cam


This pet monitoring camera has a very unique feature, that is you can give a snack to your pet as well by using Petzi Treat cam. Any dry treat which is less than 1 inch in size can be used as a treat provided that it’s a dry pet treat.

Other functions like chatting with the pet using the speaker in the cam and video calling are also there in this camera. A wide-angle camera allows you to record a video up to 720p quality. The only disadvantage of this cam is that it has only one-way cam’s audio.

These are the 3 best pet monitoring cameras according to my knowledge whereas you can find more interesting cameras on Amazon. You can read more reviews about Pet monitoring cameras by googling on the topic.