Top 10 Profitable Niches and Products For Dropshipping In 2021

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Top 10 Profitable Niches 2021

Part of being a good dropshipper is knowing what dropshipping niche is the best to target and which products in that niche are in higher demand than others.

With so many dropshipping websites out there, it has become very important to do your consumer research to be able to know which particular type of product will do well in your chosen niche categories.

Due to the high number of available dropshipping niches, we will be looking at the top 10 profitable niches that make money in 2021 and their most popular products but before that, let’s take a look at why you should focus on niches.

Before you read further about the profitable dropshipping niches, you should know what is dropshipping and how does it work.

Why Focus On Dropshipping Niches?

There are so many products to dropship that could bring you so much revenue, while some of these products can only be sold at a particular time especially when products in the same category are trending, some other products are constantly being sold.

For example, if you focused on selling a trending kids toy, you might only notice a spike in sales when there are celebrations like children’s day or Christmas around the corner.

If you focused on selling a lot of trending items, you would notice that some of your products will be dormant till they start trending which means, for example, if you focus on Christmas items, you won’t see any sales until the end of the year.

However, with a proper dropshipping niche, you can better focus on products in one area that does well even without trends and then add more items in your niche when they are trending.

Before you read about these niches, you should check these different ways about how to earn money online from home without investment.

Top 10 Profitable Dropshipping Niches And Their Most Popular Items


The health and fitness niche has a lot of products that do well in dropshipping, it is one of the most profitable Dropshipping niches in 2021, mostly because there is a high demand for almost all categories in the fitness niche almost all year round.

Some examples of categories that do well and their products include:-

  • Fitness Accessories such as Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers or stopwatches, etc.
  • Fitness Apparel include items like fitness outfits such as activewear
  • Equipment for fitness such as workout machines, dumbbells, or other fitness equipment like swimming.
  • Fitness Supplements include nutritional supplements like protein powders, weight gainers or weight loss shakes, protein cookies, muscle mass building tablets, and capsules, etc.


The next best most profitable niche to focus on will definitely be the hi-tech niche, every single day thousands of tech-related items are sold.

The best thing about this niche is that most of the products are always in constant demand which means a lot of money can be made from it.

Here are some items that do well in the tech niche and their categories.

  • Audio Devices such as Bluetooth earphones, wireless earphones, portable speakers and even sleeping earphones.
  • Wearable Devices like smart wristbands and smartwatches.
  • Cameras and Photo/Video Equipment like drones, DSLR and action cameras, etc.
  • Car Accessories like car chargers, car radios, car cameras, and even car DVRs, etc.
  • Mobile phones like smartphones and other phone accessories like phone chargers, batteries, phone cables, power banks, etc.
  • Home Electronics such as smart LED lights, smart plugs, and Wi-Fi wall switches, etc.
  • Computers like tablets, personal computers, desktop computers, and other computer parts like memory cards or RAM memories, hard disk drives, etc.


Evergreen niches are niches that are always in season and always in high demand, things like kid’s clothes and accessories are things that will always be searched for no matter what time of the year it is.

Here are a few categories in the evergreen niche.

  • Kids Clothes, Toys & Accessories such as eating accessories, absorbent clothes, scarves, caps, etc.
  • Pet Accessories like nameplates, toys, and even full-on pet outfits.


The beauty niche is one that deserves a spot in the top 10 profitable niches, it is by far one of the most popular dropshipping niches, beauty products like makeup, skincare creams and lotions and even other beauty accessories are always in demand.

Your beauty dropshipping store may be patronized more or less depending on the supplier of your choice and the quality of your beauty products.

Items that do well in this niche include:-

  • Beauty Tools such as application brushes, beauty blenders, hair flat irons, curling irons, and eyelash curlers, etc.
  • Makeup Items like mascaras, eye pencils, eye shadow, matte lipsticks, etc.
  • Skincare products like face washes and cleansers, pimple creams, spot remover pens, face masks, blackhead removers, etc.


The fashion niche is one very popular, competitive, and profitable niche with items that are always in high demand, even though most fashion items are mostly sold when they are trending, there are still products who keep selling out regardless of the time and more dependent on the quality of the items being sold and their brands.

Here are some items that do well in the fashion niche:-

  • All Women’s Apparel such as undergarments, shapewear, swimwear, bodycon dresses, crop tops, and floral skirts, etc. are items that are always very high in demand in the women section.
  • Men’s Wear: Items like oxford shirts, baseball caps, corduroy jackets, cargo pants, striped shirts, sling bags, plaid pants, and even denim jackets are some examples of the most popular items in the fashion niche.


In a study conducted by Business wire report in 2018, the home and garden dropshipping niche is one that is set to grow by $140 billion dollars in as little as for years due to the increasing number of online shoppers. The trend of online shopping in Pakistan is also increasing.

Items in this niche that are very popular include:

  • Pet vacuums for pet grooming
  • Home Organizers
  • Knitted Blankets
  • Wall designs and art
  • Water bottles
  • Portable steel straw


Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and find inspiration, most gardeners always go online to find items that they can add to their home garden to make it prettier or even a lot easier.

There are so many popular items worth selling in this niche, some of them include:-

  • Anti-leak tapes
  • Anti-mosquito bracelets
  • Flower pots
  • Hanging pot plants
  • Hose adapter
  • Garden claw gloves
  • Sprinkler systems etc.


Another niche that deserves a place in the top 10 profitable niches list is the blogging/vlogging dropshipping niche.

According to google trends, the interest for video blogging is becoming very popular thanks to channels like YouTube, every single day, at least thousands of searches on all kinds of blogging/ vlogging equipment flood the internet, increasing the available opportunities for great dropshipping success in this niche.

Some very famous items in this dropshipping niche include: –

  • Video Recording Tripod Stands or flexible tripod stands
  • Microphones
  • Portable Ring Lights and ring lights with stands
  • Green screens
  • Background support systems
  • External microphone
  • Multifunction camera backpack
  • Phone stabilizers
  • Photo studio lightbox, etc.


When it comes to this very popular and profitable niche, the number of dropshipping items to sell are numerous.

Due to the high number of travel companies and agencies and even travel bloggers, the increasing need for travel items and equipment keep increasing.

Some items worth taking a look at in this niche include:-

  • Travel Luggage and suitcases
  • Cardholders, key holders, and purses
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • USB battery packs
  • Kindle (for reading)
  • Airplane pillow
  • Packing cubes
  • Luggage scale
  • Anti-theft travel bags, etc.


The pet niche is one popular dropshipping niche that is very stable in comparison to other niches.

Even though this niche has a variety of items that trend at different times of the year and for different reasons, there are some items that keep selling out, here are some of them:-

  • Dental care toys and treats.
  • Pet beds
  • Chew toys
  • Pet cages
  • Dog Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Pet food, etc.

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