Why Audio/Video Transcription Technology is Important for Journalists?

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Though there are many benefits of using the audio or video transcribe service in different fields, like in education, podcasts, interviews, conference calls one can get help from this artificial intelligence-based technology. But for journalists, it is even more important and they should use it to make things easy for them.

The main function of any audio/video transcription service is to change the speech into text. This is possible with the help of artificial intelligence technology that converts speech (audio) from different languages into text.


In this technology, accuracy is very important as things can be worse if there is a small portion that is not correctly converted into text. For journalists, accuracy is even more important because they can face legal issues in case of any mistake.

A good audio transcription software can help journalists in many different ways. Some of the benefits of using audio transcription software are as follow:

1. Fully Engage in an Interview

Taking interviews with any famous personality, especially the politicians is not an easy task for the journalists. They need to focus on different things like asking questions, listening to the answers, getting the next question ready based on the answer, and writing the answer in detail at the same time.

Obviously, this is not an easy task. If the journalist can’t pay full attention to each and everything, the interview will not be good and the journalist can face legal action as well in case he quotes something wrong.

Using SpeechText.AI or other audio transcription software can help the journalist to fully engage him in the interview as there is no need to write down the answers. Journalists can transcribe the recorded audio later into text with almost human accuracy.

2. Save Time

By using this artificial intelligence technology, journalists can save their precious time as well. If they only record the interview even then they need a lot of time to go back to their workplace and listen to the audio and writing down on their paper.

Whereas, if they use a professional audio transcription service, they can save a lot of time and the whole audio interview can be converted into text in no time. For perfection, one can review the converted text once again as proofreading that will not take much time.


3. Easy to Generate Subtitles

Many journalists have their own YouTube channels where they give their own analysis and honest reviews about different political issues. In order to generate subtitles, they have to work hard.

But thanks to the Speech to Text AI bases software that now it is super easy to generate the subtitles for any YouTube video and that is too with accuracy.


So, in short, using professional audio transcription software is helpful not only for the journalists but it can also help the students in their education. While attending a lecture, just focus on the speaker as you don’t need to write your short notes with that. While preparing your thesis, it can be helpful as well.

If you get software that supports multiple languages, that is even more beneficial as you can get help from the various professionals who speak a different language than yours.


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