3 Most Common Mistakes Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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3 Common Mistakes Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Digital entrepreneurship has an extensive business dimension that has many subdivisions. So you can easily make the mistake of not being an expert on anything.

Although it cannot harm you directly, it will eventually make you make a lot of unnecessary mistakes that could put your career at risk. To help you, think about the possibility of comprar seguidores reais Instagram to promote greater engagement in your business


But, on the other hand, those who never made mistakes never learned or ventured into learning. It is innate for human beings to err in order to evolve.

That is how we learn to grow and evolve in a given action. Think about your childhood, when you were learning to walk, how many times did you fall?

Or remember now, back at school when you still didn’t know how to do the math that teacher insisted on teaching you. And how many words have we written or even pronounced wrong before learning correctly? We learn from our mistakes to evolve.

If you analyze all your learnings, you will realize that whenever you make a mistake, you are learning to do it right.

If you are inert means that you are not learning anything new and that perhaps things are as good as they are without evolving. Thus, it also works with the digital entrepreneur. The digital entrepreneur who aims for success is aware that not learning is not a good choice.


Through these affirmations, I developed this article citing 3 of the most common mistakes that every digital entrepreneur should avoid, so it is of great value to evaluate all three of these tips thoroughly, and what each of them can bring to your company or digital business.

I do not want to say here that all three of these errors are being pointed out exclusively for you, but, because they are common, they are worth reading so that they are not applied indirectly in your business and so that they can be avoided in order to assist in better actions.

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

  1. Do not plan or do not follow the planning
  2. Mix your personal finances with that of the company.
  3. Shoot everywhere on the internet.

Error 01. Not planning or not following the planning

In digital entrepreneurship, you can think that the words focus, prioritization, and planning make all the difference. This is a common mistake made by many digital entrepreneurs.


Some do not plan, they take the actions without reasoning the results they can bring, doing without measuring the consequences of the acts, sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t get it right, and thus the error arises.

The ideal is to carry out initial planning and follow up on that planning. Some entrepreneurs plan their actions every three months and make the necessary changes to avoid possible mistakes.

This methodology is defined as Continuous Budget Planning, it is focused on finance but has the possibility of expansion to other areas. It has been a habit among entrepreneurs to carry out the planning in a detailed way even before leaving for execution.

It is worth mentioning here, some questions for you to reflect on the importance of planning your actions: what good is it to accelerate the results if you are going ahead of the opposite or wrong path?

It is then valid to follow the planning because if you are going in the wrong direction there is time to go back and redirect the actions.

I may appear to be harsh, or thick with the form of the writing, but the message I want to send is only if you do not keep the organization, the focus, you will not be achieving any assertive results and yes, doubts about what may or may not work.

So, set your priorities, outline your goals and tasks from beginning to end. If you do not make these plans you will be some ways further away from creating something really relevant in this market.


If you do not prioritize your actions and do not maintain an organization, you will not be able to perform any relevant tasks.

When you finish reading this article, I advise you to make a list of tasks, actions, and also the projects you want to create and carry out. Thereafter, it is legal to establish a chronological order of priorities for each of these tasks.

And, the most important thing is perhaps the focus, only starting another task after completing the first one. This application must be carried out for both projects and daily tasks, from the simplest to the most complex.

Mistake 02. Mixing your personal and company finances

First, I would like to tell you that: the only relevant number is the result. It may seem contradictory, but you will see numbers, numbers, and more numbers. Digital marketing is comprised of numbers.

And one of the most common mistakes in digital marketing is to believe that all numbers are extremely relevant or that they serve to determine the success of your actions.

Many of these numbers do serve to determine which actions to take, but not all. So, based on numbers and values, I want to tell you that this is one of the most common mistakes made by digital entrepreneurs. Company expenses should never be mixed with yours.

Again I say that the company’s expenses should never be mixed with yours, especially with personal expenses.


You must have an expense account where the amounts withdrawn by the partners in payment for services, occasional or extraordinary, that they provide to the company, will be recorded, and only. Your profit share and nothing more.

The company will pay you for not having to pay your water or electricity bill for example, does it make sense to you?

A very important question to ask is: how do you intend to be among successful entrepreneurs if you cannot even organize your company in a professional way?

I will not dwell on this error any longer, because although it is very common to almost all entrepreneurs, it is the most easily avoided mistake.

If you have already made this mistake, and are now, after reading it feeling guilty, know that entrepreneurial mistakes are common everywhere.

Just be aware of the mistake and for the good of your company do not make it anymore.

Error 03.Shooting everywhere on the internet

There is a boast where many digital entrepreneurs are considered to be multitasking. At the same time, they manage to carry out several projects simultaneously.


However, successful digital entrepreneurs have a focus, and do you agree with me that in order to focus on a particular action it is necessary not to be a multitasking entrepreneur?

To put it bluntly, if you do a thousand things at the same time, the thousand things will not be done well or perfect, they will be full of gaps and flaws.

You can easily search among your digital entrepreneur contacts on any network. Research how each of these multi-tasking entrepreneurs touches the fan page, the website, Instagram, Facebook.

After the search has been carried out, confirm that these channels all have a return on direct sales.

It is obvious, that you will conclude that of these many digital entrepreneurs, only one or at most two, have direct sales results, and to make the situation a little worse, in only one of these many channels.

The justification is simple: lack of focus.

Taking steps in different directions without focus doesn’t get you anywhere. I once read that for those who do not know where they want to go (focus), any lost place serves in a negative way.

It is valid for the mistakes that digital entrepreneurs should avoid. If you create a website, a fanpage, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and many other channels associated with your company, it will only be to say that you have these channels.


You will not keep your focus on a single network and consequently will not have results, as you will not be able to generate value for your business or simply update it.

I’ll give you a hint: try the following:

Create a single channel, and only go to another channel when you get sales through that first channel. Digital entrepreneurship is not shooting all over the internet. It is to have results and direct sales as an objective.

Question: Does your company live off what it sells and delivers, does it make sense?

If you are very good at selling and reasonable at delivering, you will have no success.

Be excellent at selling, but be extraordinary at delivering.

Currently, the competition is so high that whoever has quality in selling and delivering is successful in the market.

Focus on your services and a network to offer quality.

If you choose or want to, go out and do it all at once, I already tell you in advance that you will only be adding to the list of mistakes that entrepreneurs should not make.


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