What is Freelancer and Where to Find Jobs in Brazil

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What is a Freelancer

What is a Freelancer and how to make online money working in Brazil? With the great growth of the internet, every day more people are working online.

The internet offers a good opportunity to earn money working as a freelancer, there are several advantages of working as a freelancer, especially in the era of digital marketing where technology is increasingly present in people’s daily lives.


One of the great benefits that lead many people to work as a freelancer is the quality of life, freedom to choose their own schedules among other benefits.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an independent professional who acts independently, serving different types of people and companies.

The most sought after areas are communication, design, music. Before there were only some services aimed at digital marketing, comprar seguidores teste we can see great growth in other areas aimed at the physical market.

Main Advantages of Being a Freelancer

  • Freedom
  • Quality of life
  • Your own boss
  • You define your schedules

Many people do not know most of the time there is no type of requirement to work as a freelancer, you do not need to have specializations, graduation, etc … What really counts is that you are excellent at what you do.

Since all the person wants is the result according to the demand. Most platforms have a reputation system that really counts.

Now there are situations and situations with, for example, in the legal environment, if you are going to consult the services of a lawyer, obviously there are rules and techniques that need to be followed.

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How to Issue Invoice

Individuals, not so much, but some companies or the vast majority require the issuance of invoices.

You, as a good professional, need to be prepared to meet these demands and are framed in all the requirements that may arise.


The first thing you need to do to issue an invoice is to have a CNPJ, if you don’t have it yet it is very important to open an MEI company, the opening of this type of company can be done on the government website itself.

The opening is very simple and easy, you can have the CNPJ at the same moment after completing the registration.

That done, you need a business license, this license is necessary because you will issue a service provision note, if it were a product it would not be necessary, but any type of service that is provided in the municipality is necessary to have a license.

After obtaining the permit, the municipality of your municipality will register your CNPJ in the system and you will have access to the service bill issuing system.

In a maximum of fifteen days, you will be regular and able to issue invoices, the main advantage of issuing invoices is because you will be acting within the law and paying all taxes.

Is it necessary to have CNPJ MEI?

If you are starting now you don’t need to, comprar Instagram seguidores it is good to have a CNPJ, there are many benefits of acting as a company.

  • participate in public tenders
  • Issue invoice
  • More reliability

How to get a Freelancer?

There are many platforms in this regard, but if you are looking for a freelancer going back to design, Meufreela is one of the best design platforms.


Here on our website, you will find everything you need in that sense, the advantages of using such a platform are that you have everything you need in one place.

Social proof needed for a freelancer?

With the great growth of social networks every day more people are present, the social proof increases your confidence.

The only social network I recommend using is Instagram, the reason is simple: it is the most used social network in the world, it is where you will find a larger number of people and even future business opportunities.

Regardless of whether you have a website in the 21st century or not, having an Instagram profile is practically a commandment.

So stay tuned to work on some method to increase followers organically and truthfully.

There are many sites that sell followers on Instagram if you want to buy followers, be careful because not everyone who sells delivery.

Most of the time these followers on Instagram are ghosts, so if you’re going to buy a follower, stay tuned, I also don’t compensate for this action.

Freela in the era of Digital Marketing

Professionals are increasingly using digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even Whatsapp to advertise their services.

Do you know you can earn money from Facebook pages?

This is an excellent way to present your work and be seen. However, due to the high degree of competitiveness, it is essential to be as objective as possible when selling your service.

As the audience reach of the platforms is quite large and people are getting more and more online, through the mobile device or tablet the chance of demand increases.


Therefore, if you want to publicize your service in an insightful way, the idea is that you invest in the social network that best matches your profile. By doing this screening you are more likely to present a more inviting portfolio to your future client

2020 Freelancer Business Opportunities

The year 2020 was atypical for many people, the pandemic ended up changing the pace and lifestyle of people, generating great economic instability, which meant that companies had to reduce costs by generating high unemployment rates in Brazil.

More calm! If you are a person who does not like to stand still and does not waste time to seize opportunities, freelance activities are on the rise! And many people are earning high in this pandemic period.


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