Published On: Sat, Dec 26th, 2020

Questions to Ask Before You Buy an Adjustable Bed

adjustable beds buying guide

With advancements in technology, various improvements have been made to almost all the items that we use. Therefore, before deciding to buy a particular item, there is a need to do some research to avoid buying the wrong item.

Unfortunately, many people do not inquire for more details about the adjustable beds before buying. That mistake has made several people buy the wrong adjustable beds.

Unlike the old times when one could consider only a few things when buying a bed, nowadays one has to be extra careful, especially when buying adjustable beds.

The adjustable beds can enhance circulation, spinal alignment, maximize comfort, reduce back pain, and many more purposes. The cost of the adjustable beds also varies depending on the features of the bed.

Thus, before you consider buying a particular adjustable bed, there are several things you need to ask yourself. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss some of the essential questions that one must ask before buying an adjustable bed. They include;

What kind of mattress will you need?

Many people forget this question when buying an adjustable bed. It is essential to know that an adjustable bed is a huge investment that needs serious plans. When you have the wrong mattress, the adjustable bed will not offer the benefits that it should provide.

That is because some accessories are entirely incompatible. Therefore, by asking the question listed above, you will be able to know whether you will continue using your old mattress or you need a new one.

Most of the mattresses compatible with the adjustable beds have different designs from the ordinary mattress. Those mattresses should be able to withstand frequent strains due to regular adjustments.

Is the adjustable bed available in your current mattress size?

Since there are various sizes of mattresses in the market, it is essential to know if there are adjustable beds that will fit the mattress that you are using. Avoid making the mistake of buying a bed that is either smaller or bigger than the mattress that you will be using.

That is because the mattress will not fit correctly. For instance, if you have a twin-sized mattress, then the adjustable bed that you should look at in the market should accommodate the mattress.

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Most of the adjustable beds come in sizes such as TwinXL, queen, king, full, split king, and many more.

What features does the adjustable bed contain?

Various incredible features are the ones that define the adjustable beds. Unlike ordinary beds, adjustable beds have various features that one should consider before buying. The various features to consider are the massage setting and many more.

For instance, if you need your bed to have the feature mentioned above, it would be wise to ask if the bed has a massage setting before buying. The massage setting is one of the few most essential features that benefit adjustable bed users in many ways.

The various benefits of vibration therapy include enhancing circulation, improving bone density, increasing metabolism rate, lowering joint pain, and many more benefits. Therefore, considering the features available in a particular adjustable bed before buying is a great idea.

What kind of motor does the bed contain?

The motor is the other most essential thing to consider on the adjustable bed before making a purchase. Therefore, it is essential to ask what kind of motor doe the bed contains.

That question will help you avoid buying adjustable beds with motors that make a lot of noise. The adjustable bed should use a motor that does not produce loud noise to facilitate better sleep.

Therefore, according to the reviews, DC motors do not produce more noise than AC motors. Their disadvantage is only that they are not as durable as the AC motors. Thus, you can consider choosing a DC motor that has a warranty to guarantee long term performance.

Does the bed have USB ports?

According to a recent study, it was clear that 71% of people carry their phones to bed. That means they sleep with their phones. That is because many people rely on smartphones for alarms and other more uses.

Therefore, adjustable beds that come with a USB port help a lot to charge the smartphone. If you are among the many people who sleep with their smartphones, it is essential to consider if the bed has a charging port to allow you to charge your phone quickly.

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Is there a warranty?

A warranty is a document provided by the seller or a manufacturer to guarantee that a particular product will give you quality services. In case the product fails before the warranty period expires, then the seller or the manufacturer repairs the item at his/her cost or even gives you a needed item.

Therefore, since the adjustable beds are a considerable money investment, it is essential to consider if they come with a warranty.

What is the price of the bed?

The price for the adjustable beds varies greatly depending on the features that the bed contains. Adjustable beds with the best features will cost more than the ones with standard features. Also, the bed’s price may vary depending on the seller you choose to buy from.

Therefore, before choosing to buy the adjustable bed, you need to ask if you are dealing with the right seller and if you have chosen the best features. You need to buy the adjustable beds from accredited sellers who provide huge discounts and other promotions for the best pricing.

Does the bed have a wall-hugging design?

According to the reviews, adjustable beds with a wall-hugging design are the best to have in your home because when you raise or lower the bed’s head, there will be no pulling away from the wall.

That means the bed will give you an aesthetic appeal and improved comfort since you can place things such as books on your bed.

Lastly, the other essential question that you need to ask before purchasing the adjustable bed is “does the bed have under-bed light?” the under-bed light is essential to people who wake up frequently at night. Instead of using bedroom lighting, you can choose to use the under-bed light to avoid disturbing the person sleeping next to you.

Therefore, asking all the questions discussed above will help you choose the right adjustable bed.