Important Things to Note on The new PUBG Mobile Season 13

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PUBG Mobile Season 13

Gaming and PUBG mobile has been a great point of entertainment and recreation. Many people spend their better part of their free time playing smartphone games and having fun.

One of the most important highlights that have been done recently is the establishment of the new PUBG Motion Season 13. The game has brought forth a change aspect on gaming as it has incorporated the latest Kills and Death Ratio.


The main drive for this was to balance and inherently echo the merits of different players.

As you all know, the kill Death Ratio was counted by the number of kills a player would score, and the overall total number of deaths. The drive made the players develop a fair boost on their Kill-Death proportion.

This process made the contestants survive till the end of the game with at least a minimum kill. Remember to go through the MPL report recently launched by India’s PUBG Mobile Rivals on the Rogue Heist Game.

Something else to note on this new PUBG Mobile Season 13 is its modified and well-implemented K/D system. Since the Kill- Death Ratio is what matters, the modified PUBG mobile update has the power to end the game irrespective of the player’s progress.

It means that if, for instance, your K/D is 8, then you go ahead and win with at least five kills, then your K/D ratio will reduce due to the decrease of the number of kills.

You must hit the current figure and beyond. To maintain the available eight kills, you will have to add more kills to your score. This requirement, though, might bring pressure to a lot of players, but it is manageable.


The formula to calculate it will be your K/D ratio, which equals your Total kill, divided by your Total Matches Played.

Tips on How To Increase Your PUBG Mobile Season 13 Scores


Here are simple tips you can follow to score more and improve your playing skills on the new PUBG mobile Season.

1. Improve on Your Landing Strategy

With the already existing changes on the game, the new implementations on the K/D ratio, and the rules set, the best option is to go for the general hot- drop location such as the Pochinki.


The locations have a larger number of players expected to land on high scores, thereby increasing the total probability of the highest scores you can secure. Ensure you rank your overall kills by filling the inventory forms to have a great loot that will assist you in the future.

2. Switch to Attacks Rather Than Hiding

This type of skill is the best you can acquire this season. The tactic requires you to move out of your comfort zone and fight back your enemies. Players should look forward to more convertible fights and resist the attacks to improve on their K/D Ratio and to grow their gaming skills.

3. Use The Maximum Gun Power

Don’t waste your energy on securing your best snipers, instead go for the best available riffles to make your kill. The weapons are made of high powers that will assist you in making your kills and boosting your K/D ratio. Remember, The best guns are a threat to your enemies, therefore making your overall score a bit stronger.

4. Work on your Scope

For you to get your long-range shots, you will have to work handily with your snipers. As you will be proceeding with the game, bring your snipers closer and make them your close allies. Landing on a distance kill requires sharpshooting, target, and accuracy for you to aim at your targets. The expertise will only happen when you have a team of good snippers placed under different positions and scope.


5. Meet Head-on

Pro’s and amateur player’s states that the fastest way to make a kill is by meeting with your enemy head-on and shooting his head. The kill might be tricky, but it requires you to shoot your enemy’s head quickly to be safe. Fight for your existence by ensuring you shoot faster. With that said, you will carry your good number of K/D ratio home.

The season now requires you to not only shoot or survive but to also shoot to survive.


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