Published On: Sat, Jan 2nd, 2021

Woman With Her Kid Jumped From 5th Floor To Suicide: Both Survived

Karachi Woman Jumped From 5th Floor

(Karachi — January 2, 2021) — A woman throws his 1.5-year-old kid from the 5th floor of a building and then she also jumped to attempt suicide, but both of them survived.

A woman whose name is Maryam is the residence of Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi. She went to the terrace of a six-story building with her 1 and half year old kid.


According to the eye-witnessed resident of the same building, he tries to convince the lady to go back but she didn’t respond to that. In the meantime, other residents of the story bring the top covers of the nearby vehicles.

Maryam threw her child but luckily he falls directly into the covers of the vehicle and didn’t fall directly on the ground. Though he is injured and admitted into the hospital.

After throwing the kid, the woman also jumped from the 5th floor but she stuck in the wires while falling down that prevents her to fell down directly on the ground. She is also injured but survives.

Residents of the building call the ambulance and both, the mother and the kid are now in the hospital. The doctor, Seemi Jamali of Jinnah Hospital told that both are alive and not in danger.

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According to the residents, Maryam married Faisal a few months ago. She rented an apartment in the building 3 months ago and she is also a drug addict.