Indonesian Authorities Found The Black Box: Sriwijaya Air Crash

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Sriwijaya Air Crash

(10-Jan, JAKARTA): Indonesian authorities have confirmed the Sriwijaya air crash as they found the body parts and the black box of Sriwijaya Air Flight 182.

The plane lost communication and disappeared from the radar after 4 minutes of its take-off time. The plane was about more than 10 thousand feet above when it lost from the radar.


Yesterday it was suspected that Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 have been crashed that has 62 passengers including the crew. In 2018, Lion Air Boeing 737 Max was also crashed in the Java sea in which 189 people died.

The destination of the flight was the city of Pontianak and it left from Jakarta with 62 people. According to the database of Aviation Security Network in the past decade, the maximum number of people are died in air crashes in Indonesia as compared to any other country in the world.

Soerjanto Tjahjono who is chief of Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee has confirmed that they have identified the two black boxes of Flight Sriwijaya 183.

The wreckage of the plane was found by the rescue team from the depth of 23 meters. They have also found a metal piece in blue and red color that printed Sriwijaya Air on it.

Sriwijaya Air Crash Black Box Found


Human body parts and clothes are also recovered from the island and the police have contacted the relatives of the passengers and crew to provide information such as dental records and DNA so that they can identify the bodies.

Among 62 people, there were 12 crew members 50 passengers that include 3 babies, 7 children.

President Joko Widodo asked the people to pray for the missing people to be found ASAP and he expressed deep condolences.

According to the officials, the pilots had decades of experience in flights and the flight captain was a retired air-force pilot. The co-pilot was at Sriwijaya Air since 2013; stated on his LinkedIn profile.


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