After DHL, UPS Also Putting Ban on Shipment of Vaping Products in USA

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UPS Not Shipping Vape

The United Parcel Service (UPS) of America will soon end the shipment of any vaping products within the United States of America. According to the new policy, UPS will neither deliver any products related to vaping to consumers nor to businesses.

As per the current policy of the UPS, they are not delivering the vaping products with the state of New York to comply with the New York Law. UPS still not updated their new policy on the official website but according to our correspondent, a spokesperson of UPS has confirmed that this policy will be updated soon on the website.

The spokesperson of UPS mentioned that this new policy will be applicable from April 5, 2021. After that date, UPS will not accept any parcels having vaping products, e-liquids, electronic pipes, vaping battery, wax atomizer, vape tank e.t.c.

This policy will be applicable for shipments to or from the United States and with the different states of the US. Whether they keep accepting the said products outside the US or not, is still not clear.

We are waiting for UPS to update the new shipment policy on its official website to get more details.

Other than UPS, the leading service of US DHL has already mentioned the electronic cigarette and vapors in the list of prohibited goods. They also banned it for the United States shipments and not for the other parts of the world.

Another big name, FedEx has already mentioned the vaporizers, E-cigarettes, and more tobacco products on their dedicated page that says Tobacco shipping is prohibited.

So, with the addition of UPS, there will be no major company left in the US that will accept the vaping products to ship to, from, or within the United States of America from April 5.

This new advancement in the shipment policy of vaping products in the United States is very disturbing for the online vaping retailers in the US or even for the retailers outside the US who have customers in the United States.

It will also affect the local business of vaping products as well. Moreover, the WHO has also said that vaping can makes you more vulnerable to Covid-19 virus that will also negatively affect the vaping industry.

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