What Are The New Features of iOS 14.5 Beta? How to Install Guide

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iOS 14.5 Beta New Features and How to Install

The iOS 14.4 release was not that good as was expected. Now Apple has released the new iOS 14.5 beta for the developers. This beta release of iOS 14.5 looks good and has some attractions for iPhone users.

Let’s see what are the new features of the iOS 14.5 beta version and how you can get that on your iPhone.


iOS 14.5 Beta New Features

Apple has introduced a lot of new features in the iOS 14.5 beta. Some of these features are the 5G support for dual sim, unlocking iPhone with your Apple Watch, long-awaited app tracking transparency, enhanced controller support, AirPlay 2 for Fitness+, and more.

Let’s check these options one by one:

5G Support for Dual SIM

iOS 14.5 beta Dual SIM 5G Support iPhone 12

On iPhone 12, when you enable the dual sim mode, both the sims will be limited to use the 4G LTE data service. Only the China mainland area has the exception where the SIM you are using for data was able to use the 5G connection.

But now in the iOS 14.5 beta release, when you enable the dual sim mode on your iPhone 12, you can have 5G service enable on both the sims.

Use Apple Watch to Unlock iPhone

unlock-iPhone with Apple Watch iOS 14.5 beta

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when you are wearing a mask in public places, it is difficult to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID. But thanks to iOS 14.5 beta release that allows you to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch.


You just need to enable this setting from the Face ID and Passcode option. Once you do this, you can unlock your iPhone running iOS 14.5 with your Apple Watch that has watchOS 7.4.

App Tracking Transparency

As we know that there are many apps that track our activities outside the app on either third party apps or on other websites. But now, Apple has added a transparency feature for apps tracking.

Now, whenever an app wants to track your activities, it requires your authentication via a standard iOS prompt. This feature will be permanently added to the iOS 14.5 beta later this season.

AirPlay 2 for Fitness+

One of the features that every Apple user was missing is that you can only use the fitness subscription of Apple on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You can’t use it on other smart TVs in the past.

But in iOS 14.5 beta, the major update is released and now you can stream your workout from iPhone and iPad to a device that supports the AirPlay 2. These days most of the Smart TVs and LCDs have the support of AirPlay 2. So, it will be a big advantage for iPhone users.

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Xbox and PlayStation Game Controller Support

iOS 14.5 game controller support iPhone iPod

With this iOS 14.5 beta update, now you can use Xbox Series X/S game controllers or the controller of your PlayStation 5 on your iPhone or iPod. Make sure that you have iOS14.5 on either device.

It is also expected that Apple is going to provide support for the Apple TV as for these controllers.

These were the major updates that you will see in the iOS 14.5 beta release. There will be some more updates as well like in the Reminders App, Podcast App, and a few more.

How to Install iOS 14.5 Beta?

Though Apple doesn’t recommend using the beta version on your devices which you frequently use. This is good advice because Apple doesn’t want you to get into trouble with expected bugs in the beta release of 14.5.

But, if you still want to install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone, then here is a guide about how to do it.


If you are a developer, then you can download the beta profile from developer.apple.com/download and can use that easily.

If you are not a developer, then you can open from your device, beta.apple.com and sign in and then download the beta profile. After you download it, you need to enable the beta profile from Settings > General > Profile. If you do so, your device will reset.

After reset, you can download the latest iOS 14.5 beta release from Settings > General > Software Updates.

That is it, now you are using the iOS 14.5 beta on your iPhone or iPad. We will bring some more features or iOS tips and tricks for iOS 14.5 soon.


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