Kanye West Still Has His Wedding Ring Despite of Divorce News

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(The Daily News Times — Malibu) A picture is taken of the famous American star Kanye West and it is noted that he is still wearing his wedding ring when the news is in the air about his divorce case with Kim Kardashian.


There were so many rumors about their split at the end of the year 2020, but in Jan 2021 it was confirmed that Kim Kardashian is done with Kanye West. She openly admits that she is no longer with her husband whom she married in 2014.

A few days ago (before Valentine’s Day), Kim Kardashian spotted in California when OK Magazine has taken her pictures and it was observed that she is not wearing her wedding ring. It was also reported that Kim Kardashian is dating someone else which makes it very clear that the famous American couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is no longer together.

But now, in the recent photos of Kanye West, anyone can see the wedding ring that he is wearing in his left hand while holding his phone. He was in an all-white dress at that moment.

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According to the reports of “The Daily News Times” earlier this month, Kim Kardashian wanted to file a divorce case and she is in contact with her divorce attorney Laura Wasser and she is working to settle down the finance issues with Kanye West.


She also announced that she wants full custody of the kids whereas, on the other hand, Kanye West also wanted to have their custody as he is not willing to grow his children in Los Angeles as he believes that it is a fake place.

The Sun reported that if Kanye West decides to fight with Kim Kardashian in the custody of the kids, then it will be a lethal fight, and tension among both will rise very much. Both will try their best to win the custody case for their kids.

When Kim Kardashian wanted to have some time to settle down a few issues, Kanye West said that he is all set to file the divorce case and he doesn’t care what Kim Kardashian wants.


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