Top 5 Rising Rappers Who Might Be the Superstars of 2021

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5 best rappers 2021

With every passing year, rap music is becoming more and more popular. Especially the youngsters are loving rap music as they can express their deep feelings and true-life stories using rap songs.

Here we have listed down the 5 rising rappers who might be the superstars of the year 2021:



Toosii is an American rapper who has won the RIAA gold certificate for his album Love Cycle. The real name of Toosii is Nau’jour Grainger and he was born in 2000. The 21 years old rapper is making his name quickly in the music industry and you can find his songs on Apple Music, Spotify, and on his official YouTube channel as well.



Blxst is an independent artist who started his career in 2015. He started his career from Loss Angles as he writes and produced his song himself. “Who Would’ve Thought” was the breakthrough for Blxst that was released in 2016 and after that, he is just unstoppable. His biggest hit was 2019’s Hurt that passed 2,000,000 online streams that make him the possible upcoming superstar for 2021.



TCvsChanze is the first female rapper on this list who would be the next female superstar and the best American female rapper. She born in New York but then moved to North Carolina. She started writing poems in 2008 and then made the music out of the poems. She featured in various magazines and news blogs as a superstar in making. You can listen to her music on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify as well.

Flo Milli

Flo Milli

Another female rapper who got a space on this post is Flo Milli who is also an American rapper. The real name of Flo Milli is Tamia Monique Carter and she started her career in 2015 by writing and producing music. Like any other rap star, she is a songwriter as well. Her Beef FloMix and In The Party gone viral on the Internet and especially on the social media app TikTok.

Sheff G

Sheff G

Michael Williams is an American-born rapper who is known by his stage name Sheff G. He started his career in 2016 and got fame in 2017 for his song “No Suburban”. This song was a response to 22Gz’s song Suburban. He is also a songwriter and he believes in writing real lyrics that describe the truth and real facts.

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