Tablet-Based Cognitive Gaming Platform for Seniors

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tablet-based gaming platform

According to the latest studies, people are more likely to have mental disorders and can lose their consciousness as compared to any physical disabilities. Dementia prevention and cognitive health are must for a healthy life at an older age.

Cognition is described as the process that includes paying attention, how to react to different objects, learning, and using memory and language. If a person has impaired cognition he may feel difficulty in performing daily routine tasks. To avoid impaired cognition, special training is required that is called cognition training that keeps the cognition abilities. This training has a positive impact on daily routine tasks like one has to manage the medicines or finances.


The idea of cognitive training is based on a factual study that the brain can change for the better. This special training focuses on the improvement of brain functions such as paying attention, differentiating different but somehow similar objects, and tasks related to memory.

The cognitive training can be conducted in small groups or on an individual basis using special computer programs. The programs are based on repetitive exercises and designed to improve the memory and reasoning abilities of the brain.

Cognitive Training

Neuropsychological programs and technology of video gaming can be very helpful for older adults to improve cognitive abilities. People from this age group can enjoy the improvement in memory after a controlled computerized cognitive training. Daily 1 hour training for older adults for consecutive 8 to 10 weeks and 4 or 5 days a week is enough to see improvements in cognitive health.

After training, with improved abilities, they can pay more attention and focus on different tasks. They also experience speedy processing of a set of information. Ability to perform the tasks which are not targeted in the training also improves.

Old Age Cognition Ability

To help the older people, a cognitive gaming program has been developed by the E-Seniors Association (France), Etimesgut District National Education Directorate (Turkey), and Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (Austria). It encourages the use of multiple cognitive strategies and difficulty levels will increase with improvements in performance.

The tablet-based gaming platform developed to deliver cognitive stimulation in the form of a training program. The aim behind this tablet-based gaming platform is to increase social function and general cognitive abilities.

This special gaming platform will help older people to improve their cognitive abilities that include but not limited to enhancing memory, logic, and reasoning, improving processing speed, paying attention, and improving sequential processing skills.

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