Locksmiths Should be Careful As Thieves Can Use Them To Steal

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thief steal a car using locksmith

All the companies and individuals who are providing locksmith services should be very careful as thieves can use them in stealing a car or a house.

Recently a man reported in Oakland that a thief used a locksmith very smartly to steal his black Mercedes Benz C-55. The whole scene was captured on a security camera. The owner of the Mercedes reached the locksmith from the number on his van that could be visible in the security camera.

Wilson Zhang, the locksmith who provided the duplicated keys on the spot told the owner that he didn’t know the person was a thief. He can’t speak clear English and what I understand is that his documents are locked in the car so he has nothing to show his identity except his driving license, Zhang added.

Now, after this incident locksmiths should be careful while dealing with any person. Proper training is required from the state departments.

According to Zhang, no training is required to get a license as a locksmith, you just need to pass a background check and you are all set to get the license. No one will ask you where you worked before and how do you work.

The state website also doesn’t provide any instructions about what documents you should check before you make a duplicate key for the person who claims a car.

There are a few more incidents reported in which the house owner was on a family tour and the thief calls a local locksmith and pretended to be the house owner who has his family with him. By looking at little kids waiting to enter the house, the locksmith provided him the duplicate keys and then the house was robbed in no time.

A professional and experienced local locksmith knows that it is important to check the identity and proper documents of a person who is asking for the duplicate keys of a house or of car or of any other property.

Now, after these incidents, state departments and security agencies should take necessary actions. They should make sure that licenses are provided after proper training. They should guide every new locksmith about the legal requirements and documents or identity verifications. They should give proper training in order to distinguish between the actual owner and a thief who pretends to be the owner.

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