What Is The Best Season And Locations For Paddle Boarding?

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Florida’s best thing is that warm weather is all year round, which makes it an ideal location for stand-up paddleboarding. Winter can be a little cooler in the bay area between November and February.

Still, even then, you can find a more remote location that is not very popular during this time, making it ideal for a perfect getaway weekend.

Between March and the middle of May, Tampa is the most comfortable for this activity, with temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees and a minimal humidity rate with winds by the coast, making it ideal to go and find your perfect spot.

In the summer, between June and September, Florida is in its busiest time of the year for paddleboarding with all the rentals being fully occupied and the beaches are crowded. The best thing to do at that time is to look for a hidden, quiet place for yourself and keep it as your secret.

September can be a lot like the spring, but October and November, just before the winter starts to settle in, can be the best time of the year to stand up paddleboarding and find a good location. With most tourists going back to their busy lives, the fall is a perfect time for paddleboarding.

The Best Locations for BOTE Paddle Boarding

The first on the list is Caladesi Island State Park in Florida. If you have never been to this place, it should be the first one on your bucket list.

It features amazing white sand beaches and clear crystal blue water with perfect braking waves perfect for those who would like to surf on their paddleboards.

The area is free of alligators, and it’s just 15 minutes away. Second on the list is Withlacoochee & Rainbow Rivers, also in Florida. With this, you get both a river and a lake free of alligators, which is a pretty rare find in Florida.

Though it is 90 minutes away from the Tampa Bay area the trip will give you more to admire on the way there. The river features canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddle board’s rentals which makes it ideal for a day-trip escapade for those who are into paddleboarding.

Another river worth checking out is the Little Manatee River, FL. It is located about 20 minutes away from Tampa, making it the closest route to paradise. Once you dig into it, you will enjoy a perfect river winding with freshwater that makes it just right for SUP boarding.

It’s very popular with the locals and it is known as a hidden paradise because of its wonderful fish and rare bird species.

Further down on the list is the Weedon Island Preserve which can be found 15 minutes away from Saint Petersburg. Most of St. Petersburg is a paradise for stand-up paddleboarding but this location, in particular, is special.

The sweet water kayak and sup rentals are very popular here because of the beautiful nature of the area. It is a highly recommended area close to Saint Petersburg for those who want to enjoy a few moments on the water.

There are a lot of paddle board locations well near Tampa’s city limits. The best part about these special locations is that most tourists stick to the local beaches because they are a little off track and not very well known to the newcomers.

That makes these even better because they are likely not to be crowded by other tourists. On top of that, you ought to find your own secret place that has yet to be discovered because it has probably been kept a secret so far by the other people who found it.

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