Can I Download Indian Pirated Movies From Torrents Like Sites?

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Piracy Crime

Watching movies online is a great thing and an easy way to entertain yourself at home. But you should be very careful while watching the movies online as there are so many pirated websites.

By law, it is illegal to watch movies online on sites that have no license and that stream the pirated copy of the movie. In many countries like the USA, India, and many others, downloading a pirated copy of a movie is illegal.

In the USA, if you watch the live streaming from any website, doesn’t matter if it is pirated or not, it is not a crime. But if you download it on your own storage device and make a copy for yourself, then it is a crime. You may be jailed or have to pay a heavy fine. Or you can face both, i.e the fine and prison for five years.

In India, it is also not allowed to download the pirated copies of the movie. Under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, it is a serious crime to use copyright material for your own use without the license and piracy is one of that.

There are a lot of torrents like sites from where users download Indian or Hollywood movies, but they don’t know that they are doing a crime. One example is movierulz, which is a torrent-like site and they provide an option to download the Hollywood or Indian movie without any authority.

There are many sites like this one where the latest movies are available to download through torrents. They have no authority to provide this content for downloading. If anyone downloads the content, he is doing a crime as it is just like stealing someone’s property.

So, as a responsible citizen, you should know that you should not download a movie from such websites. In most of the cities of India, cinema halls are open, so you should go there and watch your favorite movies at the cinema.

But if the cinema in your area is closed due to Covid 19, then you should either wait for reopen or watch that movie from a reputed online website that has full rights to show the movies online like NetFlix and many others.

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