Why You Need A Web Analytics Tool For a Successful SEO Campaign?

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Web Analytics software SEO Campaign

How can I run a successful SEO campaign? This is a question that is asked by so many web owners who are doing their business online. Well, there are various methods and techniques involved in SEO and all the tools or techniques have their own importance.

But, the most important part of any SEO campaign is to analyze the outcome of your SEO work. If you keep doing SEO without getting any result then you are just wasting your time and money. You will never know if you are going in the right direction or not.

There are various analytical tools that you can find and use for your website. A few of them are FREE like Google Analytics but it has very limited features whereas other tools are paid and every business owner especially the small business owners can afford those tools.

Komito Analytics is the solution as it is a free open source web analytic software that can help you in analyzing the SEO of your website. This open-source web analytic tool also provides a free WordPress plugin which makes it much easy to analyze your website’s SEO.

Just like any other software, Komito Analytics is also compatible with Google Analytics and you can integrate it to find additional metrics. Let’s talk about some basic features of Komito Analytics:

Analyze Social Interaction

Who is sharing your website on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook? This is no easy to check, but thanks to this open-source Komito Analytics that can track the social interaction of your website users on the above-mentioned social platforms.

File Downloads

If you have hosted some files for users so that they can download the files then it is important to track the number of downloads. This simple and FREE software will do that by keeping the information of every file and extension.

Outbound Links

Now it is easy to analyze all the outbound links from your website. It helps to understand where people are going from your website’s referrals.

Track Forms

With this tool, you can also track the submitted forms by the site users. On Google, you can find the various benefits of tracking submitted forms.

Track Call to Action Links

Only a few analytics tools provide this feature which allows you to track call-to-action link clicks. For example click on mailto function, skype, telephone, etc.

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Final Words

Hence, this is a very useful software that can help to boost your SEO by guiding you to work in the right direction. There are many more benefits of using Komito Analytics software that you can find on their official website.

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